Sunday 14 April 2024

For a Cleaner Tomorrow – Understanding Your Responsibility

We have heard thousands of times that a clean environment is a gift and the best inheritance for the following generations but in reality, do we do anything to keep it healthy and clean? With each gesture, we can make a difference. The things you do and the actions you take will impact the surroundings around you. That is why it’s important for you to take appropriate actions that help improve the quality of your environment. Companies such as Galuku are already playing the role. When Andy Swan and Joe Davids visited Sri Lanka, they didn’t know they were going to end up starting a company. Galuku came into being when the two realized that they could use the vast amounts of coir peat for something better instead of letting it go to waste. They recycled it accordingly, and currently, Galuku is a multi-million dollar entity with presence all around the globe. Here are a few things that you can do as well.

Clean water. Water is essential for life and we do not have too much of it. We must avoid waste and incorporate new habits that avoid unnecessary spending. For example, do not fill a bathtub with water, use drip irrigation, use the dishwasher, etc. Also, avoid throwing waste in the sink that can harm the quality of the water. Reserve the waste in jars or buckets for disposal in a special container. To prevent waste in many centers, it is best to use automatic taps that cut the water within a few seconds.

Turn off the switch. Many times we leave lights on that are not necessary. Try to have low energy bulbs and turn off the switch when you leave a room. Take advantage of the daylight: it is much healthier for our eyes.

Recycle. There are already many of us who recycle but surely some of them still do not do it out of laziness. We recycle the containers, glass but the oil or the batteries and light bulbs continue without throwing it to its corresponding sites. Companies like Galuku are leading the charge by recycling vast amounts of coir peat.

Avoid excessive pollution. The rush and the pace of life that we lead creates pollution in the world. We use the car constantly and other transport means without thinking that many times we can walk, which is also good for our health. The bike is another alternative that is fashionable and suitable for various areas.

Beware of gases. There are beauty products, cleaning or detergents that have ingredients that harm the environment. Read the labels and buy those that have less harmful components.

Avoid using paper at work. Although we use more and more computers and tablets to work, we continue to use sheets of paper in the office. Avoid wastage, as well as printing without control. You can also use recycled paper in order to save money and reduce the amount of waste in your workplace.