Sunday 26 May 2024

4 Bathroom Essential You Never Knew You Needed

4 Bathroom Essential You Never Knew You Needed

Hygiene is something that needs to be maintained with utmost care and in order to maintain the same there are certain bathroom utilities that are extremely essential. Most of us know about the basic bathroom fittings that are available at most of the bathroom fitting manufacturers, but there are plenty of other tools that can ease the process of bathing. Here are some essential bathroom utilities that you never knew existed.

Shower Music System

A lot of people are into the habit of listening to music while taking shower. The same might get interrupted due to poor sound quality of most of the speakers of mobile phones in the bathroom. A wide range of mobile phones do not come equipped with a powerful speaker and this is the reason why it is not the ideal choice for the shower time. There are multiple equipment designed to be used in the bathroom that can help in listening to the music during the entire bathing process. This is a must have tool for all the music lovers out there.


Do you come up with new ideas while taking shower and soon after you step out of the shower and get ready to write the idea down, you forget the idea? If yes, then this is the ideal tool that must sit in your bathroom. Aquanotes is a set of waterproof pen and notebook that allows you to write your ideas and plans even while you are bathing. There are very large number of people who actually think and strategize everything while in the shower and this piece of equipment is the best gift for them.

Towel Warmer

A towel undoubtedly is an essential piece of the bathroom utilities, but most of the times it isn’t as dry and warm as you wish it to be. The feeling of cuddling your warm towel on a chilly day after a hot water bath is extremely satisfying and is incomparable to any other feeling. Waiting until you do the laundry and then use the towel is something that nobody wants to do. You instead can depend upon the towel warmer which is extremely beneficial in doing the same. You get a warm and super dry towel as soon as you complete the drill of taking bath.

Touch Free Soap

Soap has always been the ideal as well as the conventional type of cleaning material which got replaced by shower gels and shampoos lately. But, the drawback of each of these is that you need to touch them. Also, most of the soaps get slippery and difficult to use after subsequent usage. Soap dispensers too can get a bit of unsanitary and difficult to use while in the middle of the bath. Refillable touch free soap dispenser is all you need to cut out the hassle and enjoy your bath.

These were few beneficial tools that can save up a lot of your time while you are in the shower. You can find them at multiple online as well as offline stores. A few of these can also be found at the regular bathroom fitting manufacturers.