Wednesday 22 May 2024

4 Best Children Movies Of 2015

Kids are wonderful in this generation, they want to achieve something bigger in small ages. They are fast and enthusiastic all the time, they will have plenty of energy. Kids love to play and to watch the movies. It is better to show them some good movies which gives them little fun, creative and new ideas to their brains. Some children feel to achieve something inspired by the movies. They will pick out some good things and morals from the their favorite heroes from the movies. So, showing them good movies in summer time or any time is a good idea. It gives them good knowledge. Check out a few films for children releasing in this year.


This story about a Dog that was trained the army person who served the nation in critical areas. The Dog was with him every time in the war field. Unfortunately, he dies in a bomb accident, then the dog becomes so sick and ill, The dog can’t forget the person who has killed his owner. The dog psychologically becomes unstable, so the officials plan to hand over the dog to owner family, where it meets his brother.


It is about a girl whose name is Ella and she has the purest heart in the evilest world. She is with her Evil step mother and two annoying step sisters. Ella meets the prince once with her pure heart and dances with him with magical glass shoes given by a magician. And the story goes on.


It is about a boy peter pan who lost his mother at early ages. His mother leaves in childhood with a locket that gives access to a certain place which is holiest to some tribes. He is taken by the black beard to never land where he finds both fun and danger. He comes to know that his mother is still alive and she wants to meet him. He will become a great warrior of the one tribe.


This film about the four boys who form a group and does the research on robotics. They become a robotic club under the leadership of their new teacher called fredi. This gang will have a bigger dreams and with the used part of cars and machines, little amount around 800bucks they build a robot and goes for country reigning robotics competition championship. What will happen?? Watch movies along with your kids.