Tuesday 25 June 2024

4 Innovative Office Refurbishment Ideas

4 Innovative Office Refurbishment Ideas

It’s not easy refurbishing an office to suit everyone’s taste. The variables to consider are many, from upholding the brand of your business or organisation, to considering aesthetics that colleagues will appreciate being surrounded by. Whether you’re an architect, managerial personnel, or an office worker of any type, the effect that our working surroundings have on us are legion. So, if you’re looking for a few ideas on how to spruce up where you work, or have an interest in contemporary approaches on how to invite creativity into your office space, here are some of the ways that the movers and shakers of office refurbishment are thinking!

1) Sliding Walls

Also know as moveable walls, acoustic walls, and dynamic wall environments, these can really help improve the usability of a work space. Instead of having compartmented rooms with only one door, sliding doors, and the many different types of them offer new ways of transforming where you work. There are specialist providers of these types of installations which focus on creating tailor made dynamic walls suiting which ever business hires them. Instead of having permanent walls in a work space, perhaps consider enlisting a specialist in this area?

2) Adjustable Lighting

Lighting has an incredible impact on all things. It is a fact that our mood is connected to the light available in any space whether it be an office or general day. There are developments within the possibilities of office lighting however, that are allowing this variable to be more dynamic. Now, it is possible to have office lighting that is augmentable by the employee where ever he or she sits. The only real question is, how much is productivity worth to you? Is there a balance between your employees’
happiness and your refurbishment investment budget?

4 Innovative Office Refurbishment Ideas

3) A Fresh Set of Eyes

With the flourishing online creative market there are practically infinite designers out there ready and willing to offer their ideas for the right price. One idea here, is to log on, have a search for creative professionals, specialising in freelance design and talk to them about the nature of your refurbishment. As supposed to the idea that art, creativity, and creative people are something outside of the norm, this couldn’t be further from the truth, and you may find that they are some of the easiest people to work with. If you’re considering a refurbishment why not hire a creative for an hour from one of the many online freelance websites and get a few ideas outside of the box?

4) A New Logo

Much like a flag, your organisation’s logo is often the first promoting tool that a person sees. So it’s always worth taking a moment to ask again: does this logo have enough impact? And also, has the style of your organisation changed since it was last updated? Some of the most successful organisations in the world thrive from asking these questions on a daily basis, and what’s more, benefit from implementing the updated designs into their work space as figure points for a call to action.

5) An Office Poll

The most alternative ideas are often the most simple and logical. If you’re considering refurbishing a work area of any kind, one idea is to send an email around to all the people who work in it. Connection and consideration is the key. Although there are a lot of people to account for in regards to a work environment, the acceptance, equalisation, and conversation of the matter is the most important thing. Whenever there is a project in mind, one of the best things we can do is collate the ideas of those whom are connected to it. It is good to know, that you will need dependable and efficient rubbish and clearance removal company to help you with any mess the refurbishment may leave!