Sunday 19 May 2024

4 Most Powerful Service Desk Solutions

4 Most Powerful Service Desk Solutions

Service desk software solutions are the most valuable allies of any business. It provides all the necessary information to keep customers happy and satisfied.

Since there are more than a couple of service desk solutions on the business software market, we have tested many of them. Here are the four most powerful service desk solutions that are completely capable of helping you solve incidents and service requests.


4 Most Powerful Service Desk Solutions

If you are on the lookout for a solution that can help you achieve customer care excellence, then bpm’online definitely deserves your attention. This CRM system with all the features needed for the seamless functioning of service desk helps automate service operation and offers a variety out-of-the-box business processes. This company has poured their long experience into their product, thus enabling you to use features built with respect to the industry’s best practices.

This service desk solution stands out of other competitive offerings thanks to its ability to successfully integrate service management with business process management. It is a highly customizable system that will enable you to design and automate processes to help you in delivering a high quality customer experience.

This solution can be delivered on-site (the application will be hosted on your servers) or on-demand (you can access the app via browsers, Android, iOS and Windows devices while it is hosted on the vendor’s servers). You can also try the platform by starting your ordering Free Demo version.

Happy Fox

4 Most Powerful Service Desk Solutions

Happy Fox comes close to bpm’online when it comes to integration to other services, and automation features and capabilities, but not close enough to deserve first place on this list. Be aware though that you will have to pay extra if you want to use the integration capabilities of this software.

The functionality of the platform is above average, and the software doesn’t require excessive management. The interface and features are easy to use, so that even people without a technical background can get on board with this software quickly and easily.

Vivantio Pro

4 Most Powerful Service Desk Solutions

Vivantio PRO service desk software comes in two versions – on-demand and on-premise. The management and reporting features of this software are quite advanced and offer a plethora of settings. The functionality, overall capabilities and integrations of Vivantio Pro place it right besides Happy Fox and the only thing that sets it apart is its price.

The most advanced version of this software is $72 per user per month, and you will have to get this one if you want to get your hands on the roles and permissions feature.

The only downside that we could see is that even with the simple and intuitive user interface, you will probably have to train your staff in order to get the most out of it.

Zoho Desk

4 Most Powerful Service Desk Solutions

We have decided to put the Zoho Desk as a viable option for small businesses and startups that need an affordable and yet scalable solution. Even with the free setup of Zoho Desk, you will be able to streamline your customer service efforts. If you are already familiar with Zoho, then you know that this company has many SaaS applications, service desk being just one of them.

It easily integrates with Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics and Twilio. You should know that unlike the above-mentioned solutions, Zoho Desk comes only as a cloud-based service. It is by far the most affordable solution. The enterprise edition of this tool will cost you $25 per user per month. User interface is very intuitive and easy to navigate.

Tickets can be received via multiple channels (website portal or social media), and ticket management is streamlined through a simple interface.

These are the four most powerful solutions for service desk management and automation on the market. All of them have free trial versions, so make sure to test them before you decide which one corresponds to your business needs and goals.