Sunday 26 May 2024

4 Sexy Animal Halloween Costumes That Haven’t Been Done Before

Animal costumes are always a big hit for Halloween. From sexy cats to grown-up Minnie Mouse costumes, it seems like every woman wants to embrace her inner wild child with a sexy animal costume. However, after so many parties you start to get tired of seeing all of the cat ears and drawn-on whiskers. If you’re thinking of dressing up in a sexy animal Halloween costume this year but want a more original costume, you’re in luck! There is an ample supply of fresh animal costumes that are sexy, but haven’t been done yet. Here are three of the best!costume-fantasy-x5-cs129mchamster

  1. MC Hamster – How many hamster costumes did you see last year? I don’t know about you but I didn’t see any at all. This costume is awesome because not only is it a hamster, but it’s a RAPPING hamster with an old school sexy jumpsuit and all! This is the perfect animal costume to wear to a club on Halloween! Make sure you request “U Can’t Touch This” and then yell at all of the boys who try to get to cozy!


  1. Sexy Peacock – Peacock is the biggest trend this fall season. From jewelry to clothing to even you guessed it — Halloween costumes. However, while this costume may be a bit more popular this year, it’s still a big step up from the overused cat, bats, and mouse costumes. We’re pretty sure this will be the first year anyone’s ever seen the peacock costume. Just make sure to call dibs on it first so no one else steals your awesome costume!
  2. Parrot Playmate – Okay, so if you’re ever watched How I Meet Your Mother than you might remember all the way back in season 1 Lily dressed up as a parrot for Halloween. However, Lily’s costume was far from sexy. This costume here doesn’t feature a ridiculous beak, but is still the perfectly colorful AND sexy. All eyes will be on you all night. With the bold colors this costume would especially be great to wear to a Halloween rave. Everyone will be on your tail all night!



  1. Stinkin’ Cute Skunk – Stinkin’ Cute Skunk – Here’s a sexy Halloween costume that doesn’t stink! Most women don’t think of being a skunk for Halloween. When you really think about it skunks don’t sound like the sexiest of Halloween costumes. However, this one sure is sexy! The key to pulling off this costume and having it look sexy is to pair it with the fishnet tights and white go-go boots. You can also keep your zipper zipped down just enough to show a bit of cleavage for added effect.



Are you planning to wear a sexy animal Halloween costume this year? Which animal are you planning to be? If you choose any of these three sexy animal Halloween costumes you’ll be sure to be a big hit at any Halloween costume! Hey, who knows, maybe your sexy parrot Halloween costume will when a costume contest prize just like Lily’s did!