Tuesday 25 June 2024

4 Technologies That Will Improve Client Experiences

In only a few short years, visual storytelling has changed the way we do business. When done right, the customer experience is paramount. And in an age where customer experience is probably the most important piece of the marketing puzzle, having the right type of technology on board is the first step.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality created memorable customer experiences. Consumers want to feel, see and touch prior to making a final purchasing decision. Virtual reality is the next best thing to experiencing a product or service in person. The gaming industry, for instance, takes VR to a different level allowing prospects to experience their products from the comfort of their living rooms.

Artificial Intelligence

Customers don’t just make purchasing decisions. While some do make spur-of-the-moment decisions, even those are made with intention. Artificial intelligence gives brands insight into the questions, consumers ask themselves on the customer journey. When making a purchasing decision, consumers weigh the pros and cons of products. They then decide which best suits their needs. AI helps businesses understand why a certain decision was made. The more a brand learn about its customers, the better equipped they are to refine their marketing strategy to create positive customer experiences.

Conversational AI

Artificial intelligence can do more than just help your company understand your customers. It can also help you talk to your customers. With conversational AI software, your clients may not even be aware that they’re not talking to a real person. It can handle customer questions and collect feedback, and if a human employee really is necessary, the AI can direct the client to the most relevant employee based on their needs. Brands, regardless of size, can improve customer experience with AI chats. With more businesses shifting towards e-commerce, being able to interact with customers and leads is necessary.

Machine Learning

Big data can mean bigger profit. Finding ways to improve customer satisfaction begins with data collection. Machine learning helps businesses take a negative customer experience and make it better. After collecting data, machines then use AI to figure out which steps brands need to take.
At the end of the day, customer experience starts with empathy. Businesses need to put themselves in their ideal customer’s shoes and think about how they want to be marketed to. Intrusive marketing tactics, along with brands that neglect and ignore their customers’ requests for online information, aren’t doing themselves any favors. Consumers want to feel valued, understood and mostly importantly, want the brands they do business with be accessible day and night.