Thursday 20 June 2024

4 Ways to Enjoy Cannabis at Home

Cannabis has multiple health benefits and 22% of Americans use the plant on a regular basis to take advantage of these benefits. While most people immediately associate using cannabis with smoking marijuana, this isn’t always the case. Cannabis enthusiasts have a variety of ways to consume the plant. Consider the following ways to use recreational cannabis at home.

Eat Edibles

Edibles are the name for food items that contain cannabis. Classic cannabis edibles include pot brownies, but there are many different options for lovers of cannabis-infused food. Many recreational cannabis dispensaries offer everything from snacks, candies, and raw ingredients for aspiring cannabis culinary artists.

Edibles are often a favorite of many cannabis connoisseurs as these items don’t require higher levels of THC, making it easier to avoid becoming stoned. Additionally, some edibles only have CBD, making this the ideal snack for anyone relying on cannabis for its medicinal qualities.

Drink CBD Beverages

Just as edibles are a readily available way to enjoy cannabis at home, many companies are starting to offer CBD beverages. These beverages are refreshing and have the health benefits that cannabis lovers enjoy. These drinks are made from cannabidiol and focus on maximizing the relaxing effects of CBD. CBD beverages are often promoted as an anti-inflammatory and wellness product, making it an ideal way to stay healthy and hydrated at home.

Use CBD Oil

CBD oil contains lower amounts of THC and higher amounts of CBD. CBD oil is often consumed orally as a tincture or placed directly under the tongue. Alternatively, many individuals add CBD oil to their meals or drinks themselves. After the CBD oil is digested and absorbed into the bloodstream, its effects are expected to kick in in two hours or less.

Start Vaping

Vaping is another effective way to consume cannabis at home. By using a vape, fans of cannabis can heat up their concentrated cannabinoid and inhale it. This inhaled CBD will then be absorbed quickly through the lungs, allowing it to take effect almost immediately.

While vaping works quickly, it is effective for a shorter period of time. Cannabis enthusiasts hoping to enjoy a continuous effect must take additional doses when vaping their CBD.

Cannabis can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways. Whether you eat an edible, take THC capsules, or drink CBD infused beverages, you’ll be able to take advantage of the benefits of cannabis. Keep this information in mind when searching for the best ways to use cannabis recreationally.