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4 Ways To Stay In Touch With Your First Day Friends In University

When you go to a university for the first time it is one of the most exciting times of your life. This is your final steps towards achieving your goals and objectives to be educationally successful. Graduation and a next chapter in life is what await past this bridge of excitement, complex courses and tough academia. When you go to a university for the first time, usually it begins with a first day orientation. At this moment in time, you are completely unaware of the courses, the degree program and the people you will be with in terms of spending time for the next three years or so. In orientation you just meet everyone from everywhere coming to study in different courses.

What happens is when you choose your college courses or university programs, eventually, after the orientation or go on your separate batches, out of the most people you meet, you only get to see a few because those people also go on to having their own university courses. This way you lose touch with people who you first met when you were all anxious, nervous and excited for this new journey to begin. Since this is an unforgettable time of your life, staying in touch with those people and reliving the memories of the first day can be refreshing, so it is important to be around them. Today, our academic blog post will feature four interesting ways of staying in touch with those people you have lost over the course of your university term.

4 Ways To Stay In Touch With Your First Day Friends In University

Social Media

Social media is the best way to connect with lost people. The essence of networks like Facebook, is actually to get you in touch with friends and family you no more see on a regular basis. So the moment you meet them, send them a request to add them to your social network, so it is easier to stay in touch with them over the term period. Sometimes if you get comfortable with them you can even ask for messenger numbers like WhatsApp to stay in touch.

Student Events

Student events are another excellent ideas to get to know your friends even more, whom you have lost touch with. As student events are general, you will usually see most students coming and participating rather than the restricted ones to a course or a class. So always make sure you manage some time out and get to student events organized by your university.

Occasional Drop-bys

If you know where your friends live, you can occasionally drop by their dorms or halls to say HI. This is one of the great gestures of ensuring that you wish to stay in touch with them even after the orientation class or program is over.

Taking an Activity Together

If you guys like football or working out, then you can set up a schedule to meet together and doing that activity alongside each other. This will give you a great chance to remain buddies for a long period of time rather than losing touch with people or friends.

You can actually maintain the bonds of association and friendship by finding and searching your friends through online available programs. You can also exchange number in good faith and start a new level of bonds and connections, which is necessary for your survival in the institute years. Connect through social media and keep visiting friends on an occasional basis.

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