Thursday 18 April 2024

5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Olive Oil

5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Olive Oil

Olive oil is a very healthy food, It is very useful for older person’s bone structure, and it is a good source of vitamin E.   It promotes proper functioning of the gallbladder, It brings a unique flavor to the food because cooking connoisseurs enjoy using this oil.   It is naturally free of cholesterol, it is an excellent oil for hair, skin, and nails, packed with anti-aging antioxidants. Olive oil is the main source of dietary fat, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It is a powerful antioxidant that can promote good health. Here are the health benefits of olive oil.

For Weight Loss

Olive oil contains good fats that protect the heart from disease, It may also help weight loss goals that you have. This not only prevents the accumulation of fat. It plays an important role in decreasing “bad” LDL cholesterol and raising “good” HDL cholesterol. . Add olive oil to the list of foods are needed for a dream body.

Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

Because monounsaturated fats, olive oil protects the heart from diseases. You need only two tablespoons per day. However, remember that olive oil should replace saturated fats from your diet rather than current calorie intake. Olive oil protects LDL particles from oxidative damage.

Fight Against Breast Cancer

A recent study shows that women who follow a Mediterranean diet based on the olive oil extra virgin, they had a lower risk of breast cancer compared with women who followed a Mediterranean poor diet. Moreover, dietary oil slows the aging process and reduce the risk of stroke. Olive oil contains a larger amount of antioxidants than other oils, and it has a protective effect against certain malignant tumors in the breast.

It Plays an Important Role in Digestion

Olive oil is widely used as a homeopathic remedy for the digestive system. Moreover, it is used as a remedy for constipation, a lubricant oil releases, which favoring the digestion and absorption of nutrients in the intestine. Daily bowel movements are important for gastrointestinal health.

Olive Oil for Beauty

Daily usage of Olive Oil for skin, that can reduce the risk of developing skin cancer and it has been found to control aging. Mixed solution of bath water and olive oil,  you can make your own body scrub. Rub your face with olive oil every night before going to bed whenever you need softening and moisturizing skin. This improves the absorption of any oil into your skin.