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5 Awesome Home Decor Tips That Every Twenty Something Should Know

5 Awesome Home Decor Tips That Every Twenty Something Should Know

Is it possible for home to be a person and not a place” inquires Stephanie Perkins in Anna and the French Kiss. While the fiction is not necessarily a mandate on how we choose to live in real lives, it is an expression of what we often wish we could do. And Perkins urges later by saying, “The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you.”

5 Awesome Home Decor Tips That Every Twenty Something Should Know

When it comes to decorating our homes, it is most often a task of both excitement and creativity. Because your home reflects your personality, the living space where you spend your most comfortable time, it is important to have an adequately beautiful house to make us feel at home. Whether it is just buying a few accessories at appropriate places, or adding the aesthetic values, the task begins from your desire and it will delight you for long. Only your imagination can decide the levels you want to upgrade your home’s decor. Here are the five tips that I found helpful in my interior designing career that will transform your house to demonstrate your personality, values and above all, contribute towards your well-being.

  • Understanding the architecture of your house

Before making a list of what you want to purchase, it is crucial that you understand how your house is constructed. It will inform you about the latest trends that technology and art world empowers you to follow. Make your analysis of the things you need and then go ahead.

  • Simplicity is the essence

Instead of making your home an aggregation of loud and overly colorful accessories, try including only the essential things. Simpler the design, the better it is. If the logo of Apple has managed to attract millions of enthusiast users all around the world, you know what works. Make intentional modifications in the accessories that make your home more beautiful instead of compiling too many things in the limited space. Having a simple yet appealing design is better than a visually cluttered house decor.

  • Products vs. space? Who do you choose?

5 Awesome Home Decor Tips That Every Twenty Something Should Know

Remember products like curtains, lamps and other accessories make your home attractive but they nowhere can increase your living space. So decide whether you want to compromise with the space that you got. If I were you, I would have thought of creating space instead of making my home a storehouse. When you create space, the materials can be any day bought. You can consider working on SketchUp figuring to see how you can organize the existing space, therefore, making your home spacious and comfortable.

  • Arranging the furniture

5 Awesome Home Decor Tips That Every Twenty Something Should Know

All the mathematical sciences rotate around one pivotal question: how to create a pattern that works? Similar for home decor projects, a pattern can make a long-lasting impression on everyone who visits your house. You can just reorganize the furniture to create a better version of your living space, thereby making it look not just accommodating but also attractive. For instance, you should never try to push furniture against the walls. On the contrary, when you leave space between the walls and the furniture, the vacant space creates a flow and facilitates air circulation. With minimal efforts, you get the freshness that you always liked: just a few inches can make big differences.

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