Sunday 16 June 2024

5 Best Books on Entrepreneurship

  1. The Art of Beginning by Guy Kawasaki

The author of this book, Guy Kawasaki, is one of the most important references in the world in the field of entrepreneurs. Therefore, their ideas are always considered positively in the business sector.

This book offers a reflection on everything you should consider before starting a business. It is a motivating and easy-to-read book since it does not offer technical aspects or exact solutions to undertake. In it, you can learn to think, change your perspective and way of seeing the world, get innovative ideas, and form a team to achieve the best results.

  1. Become A Successful Entrepreneur: Kindergarten Style Instructions! by Jimmy J. DeHart Sr.

The book covers the fundamentals and basic rules of entrepreneurship. Jimmy benefits from his replete experience as an entrepreneur, content creator, and management expert. His book outlines the most important aspects of entrepreneurship, which are the benchmark rules and tend to get forgotten or neglected by many aspirants.

This book is widely available in book stores as well as Amazon, and it would be the next big thing that would prove to be a great source of information as well as inspiration to you.

  1. The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

Eric Ries, through the Lean Startup model, has changed the way of understanding the creation of new products or businesses. What was a method for creating successful startups, has been shown as an infallible system for any business organization.

Thanks to this book, you will learn to start your business through startups, by experimenting with the product in the phases of product development with customers. In this way, with the minimum viable product, we can know the opinion of the customer to adapt our product to what you want, thus getting the perfect product for him.

  1. Who Has Taken My Cheese? By Spencer Johnson

Being a good entrepreneur is knowing how to adapt to changes. Most people are afraid of the unknown, and they are afraid of the uncertainty of what is to come. However, the entrepreneur seeks to achieve the keys to success in times of change.

Darwin said that the species that survives is not the most intelligent but the one that knows how to adapt to the changes. Therefore, Spencer Johnson tells us a story to learn how to act in the face of ongoing changes without them affecting you negatively. The changes are undeniable, and we must act to obtain the benefits that entail.

  1. The Entrepreneur’s Black Book: Don’t Say You Were Never Warned by Fernando Trías de Bes

Uncertainty and insecurity is an inevitable condition that every entrepreneur has to assume when choosing this path. However, convinced you are to have the brightest idea, it will be the market that has the last word, and much of the merit will come, rather than from the idea, from its implementation and management.

90% of business initiatives fail after four years of operation, and only 3% of business manuals explain the causes. Hence the important contribution of Trías de Bes, co-author of Good Luck, sheds light on this matter.

He identifies the key factors in determining failure. Trías further extracts the basic characteristics that an entrepreneur must have, like motivation and talent. Such characteristics help the person see beyond what others might know. Always maintaining the illusion and combative spirit is another virtue that must be monitored.