Sunday 14 April 2024

5 Cell Phone Security and Privacy Tips To Defeat Hackers and Snoops

As you continue to grow fonder of your cell phones and keep filling it with precious fragments of your life, you are inadvertently making it even more attractive for hackers and snoops. They realize that by sneaking into your mobile device, they can gain access to all kinds of information related to your personal and professional life. This can lead to various security and financial risks, which is why it’s so crucial that you take necessary measures to decrease your cell phone’s vulnerability to unsolicited access and digital threats. Let’s take a look at how you can easily do that.

1. Use VPN to Surf the Web

Not too many people realize the true potential of VPN (virtual private network) apps, which is why they don’t pay enough attention to them. Not only do such apps offer complete digital freedom, they also encrypt your data and mask your IP to provide you immaculate security and privacy. Since there are unsecure networks all around us these days, you really can’t afford to expose your data in such a digital environment, giving hackers a golden opportunity to easily intercept and access it. Do the smart thing by investing in a reputable VPN app for your cell phone. You can go through VPN app reviews on credible tech sites to find one that is best suited to your needs and is not a malware. Yes, there are plenty of malware disguised as security solutions on the web, so be careful.

2. Set Screen to Auto-Lock and Create Strong Password

This is a pretty basic security tip that you should be implementing since the very first day you start using a cell phone. For all its simplicity, it’s by far one of the most effective measures to frustrate snoops by preventing their entry into your private digital space. Setting screen to auto-lock and securing it further through a strong password will help ensure that even if your cell phone lands in the wrong hands, your data doesn’t get compromised. Although this may not be enough to deter hackers, at least you won’t have to worry about a suspicious partner, a nosey colleague, or an annoying friend going through your messages, gallery, or browser history behind your back.

3. Download Apps from Trusted Sources Only

We simply can’t emphasize enough on the importance of staying clear of third-party app stores. Yes, they have all sorts of tantalizing apps on offer, but there is a huge chance that many of these apps are Trojans. The last thing that you want is to invite a threat into your cell phone yourself and be solely responsible for losing your data to some unknown person who has plans of making you pay for your callowness. Just stick to App Store and Google Play. If some app is only available on its official site, then download it only after you have confirmed its reputation and credibility.

4. Avoid Jailbreaking or Rooting Your Device

Tempting as it is, sometimes there is a huge price to pay for ultimate freedom. That is exactly the case with jailbreaking or rooting an iOS or Android device respectively. You may be able to unlock more options and customize your cell phone down to its core, but also end up increasing its susceptibility to all sorts of security threats. Apple and Google have been working really hard to make their mobile operating software secure. They have some of the best software engineers and security experts working for them. You certainly wouldn’t want to throw their efforts out the window and make your cell phone vulnerable to all sorts of security risks.

5. Keep Firmware Updated to Latest Version

Bugs and security holes keep getting discovered in iOS and Android from time to time. Fortunately, Apple and Google are quick to release fixes and updates to make amends. You never know if the version of a firmware powering your cell phone is plagued by a known security risk. The safest and perhaps smartest thing for you to do is to install latest updates without delay so that known vulnerabilities don’t pose you any threat.

Did we miss an important security and privacy measure? if yes, we would be glad if you share it with us and the rest of the readers. Remember, we have a better chance of defeating hackers and snoops if we join forces and work as a team.