Monday 15 April 2024

5 Dynamics Of Internet Marketing In 2015

Internet Marketing has now undoubtedly established a strong foothold as far as marketing techniques are concerned. It is gaining widespread popularity as the preferred mode of marketing, results of globalization. Internet Marketing allows businesses to reach out to a very large number of potential clients and customers. It is a useful technique for both B2B and B2C services. That is one of the prime reasons that this industry has boomed so much. With so much increase in the popularity, the need to keep up with the competition is also increasing. Internet Marketing techniques such as social media and mobile applications have helped a lot of businesses generate a lot of customers and hence, more revenue. Since it seems to be so important these days for a business to have a web presence, I have listed down certain noteworthy trends which i feel are dominating the Internet Marketing world in 2015.

  1. Content is the key– A good quality content is something that is informative, engaging and likewise promotional. It should generate a positive approach toward your brand or business in the eyes of the users. Also, what it also needs is regular updates. A strong online presence can turn things around towards a profitable course. A good content strategy will include regular updates and something new for their customers from time to time. No updates will eventually lead to your business being ‘forgotten’ on the internet. To gain back on a strong social presence, constantly keep updating your users with new and engaging content. A sound content strategy will also depend a lot upon research. Contents must be developed as per its preferred type of users. For example, Jewelry is more appealing to women than men. The content should be such that it is published on women-oriented basis, that is, it targets the attraction of female users.
  2. Analytic research– Analytic research is a dominant way of keeping a tab on the performance of your site or page. Webmasters use an array of tools to keep a track of user traffic and online presence. Google analytic tools are freely available for anyone to use and keep a check on online performance and user response. There are more specialized, complex tools available out there for use, which can help you easily keep a tab on your online presence. You can purchase them online in case you feel the need for a more precise, in-depth and all in one online management software. These analytic numbers and figures help businesses to adapt to changing online patterns. It also equips them with the knowledge of numbers which have fallen or risen over time. This research helps them to take necessary steps in order to generate more user traffic.
  3. Videos– With advancement in technology and the arrival 4G LTE, accessing the internet at high speed has been made possible while even on the go. Videos have become more accessible with the help of this technology as buffer time has significantly reduced. Earlier, the speed at which net was accessible in mobile phones and laptops, which i will be talking of in the next point, was so low that even thinking of logging on to youtube was useless. But now, the rules have changed. Research says what already is common knowledge that people tend to understand and comprehend in a much better manner if something is presented to them in a graphical form. Videos keep users engaged and can create a much more powerful brand image perception.
  4. Mobility– The rising popularity of Android, iPhones and tablets have made mobile applications the preferred source of advertising for a brand. Users can engage themselves with a brand while on the go, as mentioned before. People find it much easier to assess a mobile application rather than typing the whole URL on their browsers. Facebook is the biggest example of one of the sites who have profited a lot by their introduction of mobile applications. Users can now get mails, alerts, notifications etc instantly. Hence the popularity of mobile based application development has established itself as an important strategy to implement as far as Internet Marketing is concerned.
  5. Ads– Ads are a dominant form of generating a lot of money. Google made close to $49 million alone via ads last year, so you can imagine the numbers. They are great both in terms B2B and B2C services.

Internet Marketing has many more crucial aspects to it, but i have stated only a few which I think deserve special attention. There are many more techniques involved for a successful Internet Marketing campaign. You may find even more information through various blogs and publications, all available online. Most of these are free to subscribe to and are very informative. Hope this post was useful for you.

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