Saturday 22 June 2024

5 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Caring about the future and the welfare of the Earth, should be a priority for everybody, especially when it concerns the inhabitants of the planet, and furthermore the well-being of family and friends. Let’s have a look at 5 simple ecological ways that we can help out in the process.

Unplugging of Gadgets

Completely turning off your gadgets will give them a longer life and even better, why not try unplugging your chargers when they’re not in use. If you’re one of those folks who usually leaves your phone charger hanging from the wall and forgets to put your computer on sleep mode, many of your tech behaviours may need changing. According to sources, adopting such practices can save you up to $100 each year on your energy bill. Who doesn’t want that?

Take Public Transit or Carpool

The benefits of carpooling are quite easy to understand. One car uses less fuel than two and much less than three. Likewise, riding on the bus or train to work helps to cut down the number of vehicles on the road. Plus, you’ll be saving money and probably get where you want to go faster. If you must use a vehicle, consider using window tinting.

Print or Digital News?

There has been debating on the environmental costs of reading the news online versus reading the printed paper since the start of the digital media revolution. Newspapers are said to cause roughly their weight in carbon emissions. That said, surfing the web expends energy, the amount of which varies based on the device you use. As of late, it has been said that the web provides a much more varied range of news sources available, anyway. If you prefer to subscribe to a print paper, make sure to recycle your paper every day and if online news is your preferred medium, at least chose an unplugged laptop or e-reader, rather than a plugged-in device, if possible.

Window Tinting

The simple installation of window film can turn your windows into energy efficient glazing, which then rejects unwanted solar heat, keeps temperatures at a manageable level and places less of a burden on air conditioning. This also applies during the winter months, when tinting helps keep the warmth inside the home, thus lowering energy costs by up to 30%. The clear benefits to both the environment and your pocket are clearly evident. In W. Australia, Rayban Window Tinting have been fitting window tinting since 1975,  and with over 40 years of experience, you can be sure that they will get the job done not only professionally, but with expertise.

Water Conservation

Turn off the water at times, such as-

  • When washing the dishes (place cleaned objects in a bowl and then rinse)
  • When having a shower (soap up)
  • Having a shave
  • Cleaning your teeth

If possible, only do a full load in your washing machine. Don’t water your lawn if there’s going to be some rain during the season, or try collecting rain water or using grey water to do the job instead.

Earth First

And there you go, that should help alleviate some of the stress we put out there on Mother Earth and help your pocket also!