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5 Food And Drink Ideas For An Oscars Party

5 Food And Drink Ideas For An Oscars Party

Anyone who is passionate about movies loves that the Oscar season is soon upon us. On the 2nd of March the big names in the movie industry gather to celebrate the work of some of the amazing directors and actors.

It is also a great time to organise a fun Oscars party for your friends. Here are five great food and drink ideas for the party.

1. Baked Potatoes And White Sangria

Before the ceremony starts you might want to serve some proper food for your party guests. Baked potatoes is just the perfect comfort food and so often eaten while people watch a movie at home. You can go with vegetable of fish fillings and thus this is a very good versatile option to go with.

You should consider serving your baked potatoes with some white sangria. White sangria is a classic drink that will be nice and light drink to go with the potatoes. It is a simple drink that you can prepare well before the guests arrive.

2. Cheese Hotdogs And Beer

There are plenty of other great options to go with as the main course. And if you want to provide something other than baked potatoes then some classic cheese hotdogs are never a bad idea either. Get some quality ingredients and have plenty of different filling options for your guests to choose from.

Naturally, hotdogs are the best when they are served together with some proper ice-cold beer. So get your favourite beer and provide it with this classic meal.

5 Food And Drink Ideas For An Oscars Party

3. Chilli Cheese Nachos And Whisky

Another great snack for an Oscars party is chilli cheese nachos. There are plenty of different recipes for this and you can really create your own favourite combination of flavours.

Serve the hot nachos with a nice spicy drink such as whisky. You can make a cocktail from whisky or just serve it with some water. Either way it goes very well with the spicy and cheesy taste of the nachos.

4. Bacon Caramel Popcorn And Champagne

You also need to have some popcorn at your party. This is such an iconic movie food that there can’t be an Oscars party without it. It is a good idea to go for an amazing bacon caramel popcorn recipe. It provides just enough saltines together with a hint of a sweeter taste. This is a perfect snack while everyone is watching the ceremony.

Naturally, you should also pair popcorn together with champagne. Champagne is often featured in movies and will provide a nice lighter feel for the popcorn. Go for top quality vintage champagne for the party.

5. Peanut Butter Pretzels And Gin Martini

The long award ceremony also needs a nice finishing touch. You can add a sweet snack with some amazing peanut butter pretzels and serve them with the classic gin martini drink.

This Two Peas and Their Pod blog has a great recipe for the peanut butter pretzels. You can prepare them beforehand and save some time with the preparations.

The above food and drink suggestions are perfect for your movie themed party.

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