Monday 15 April 2024

5 Hidden Features Of Gmail

We know how popular the Gmail has become and still its growing with high daily count email activators. There is no one on the earth who uses the internet and computer and says does not know about the Gmail. When the Gmail was launched, it was purely for sending and receiving the emails. Later on, by updating the Gmail application each time it has become more useful to the Gmail clients. Gmail is for not only sending and receiving emails, but it offers many features. These features available in Gmail from many days, but most of the gmail clients don’t know about them.


These star symbols in the Gmail application introduced in recent years, which are indicative of important emails. The star mark highlights the market emails, so when you see your inbox, you will easily identify the marked emails as important ones marked earlier and rating keeps the track of important emails to make you find them easily in a large list of email inbox. The star symbols are available in different colors; you can pick the colors from the settings menu.

Multiple Attachments

Gmail allows you to send multiple attachments in the email, this great feature later on implemented by many other email applications. The attachment should not reach more than 25MB. To add multiple attachments at once, you can ctrl+ select the attachments, after clicking the attach option in the Mail compose window. In Attachments you can send different types of documents, files, but not the .exe files. These files are scanned through the different algorithm to check any virus programs attached.


Gmail also offers folder creation to organize all your emails with much flexibility. You can create the folders and move the inbox or outbox emails to the folders. The folders are organized in a manner, where you can also create subfolders. You can also file in these folders. Labels are different from folders, you can create Label and manage the incoming emails, you can set the incoming emails to go directly into labelled ones, it is simple to use. So, you can manage the different incoming emails with different emails by letting the go directly into the added label.

Multiple Accounts

This feature is also introduced in recent days, you can access multiple Gmail account at once. Previously it was bit difficult, you have open a new browser to access the another Gmail account or you have logout from present one, but this feature gives a great option to access multiple accounts at once. After login to one account, click your profile picture, which gives options-choose “add account”, then a new window will open up and asks you login to Gmail.

Auto Save in the Draft

When you are preparing or typing the email, by any reason, if it get close, then you don’t have to worry. Your email will store in “Draft”. When you start typing or preparing email the Gmail simply start saving it for every few seconds in draft box. The attached files also will be stored along with the draft mail. You can open up draft mail and send it. This feature saves us so many times. Thanks to Google and Gmail.