Sunday 26 May 2024

5 Most Useful Add-ons For Any Browser

Daily there are many users coming online, doing their works and goes offline. Many of does not know how to use the browsers properly and ease their life. Many browsers offer different features to simplify the user life. Most of the development work on these browsers and creates functional scripts, which will help you to simplify internet surfing. These are called add-ons; these add-ons will run in background and create a functional environment to simplify the user surfing experience. There are millions of add-ons available of every browser in the net world. Each add-on comes with different functionality, which resides inside the browser and works like a charm for you. Let us now see the some top useful browsers.

Addblock Plus

This is top most add-on for any browser, founded in 2011. This browser add-on works like champ, these add-on can block 90% ads that comes across when you’re surfing the internet. There are many ads coming in your webpage, you must have experienced while you’re surfing the net. These ads create so many troubles to your PC by linking to different scripts, malware infected Web Pages. These web pages install malware into your PC and can corrupt your entire data. So, by adding this add-on to your browser you can block 90% of ads which will be a huge advantage to your browsing experience.

Screen Shot

In this category, many add-ons are available for web page. These screen shot add-ons creates an environment, which will run on your webpage. Each add-on works with a different algorithm. This algorithm scans the entire webpage, creates the screen shot of a web page, and offers other features like editing the screen shot. Many add-ons are there for screenshot creation, each add-on goes with a different algorithm.

WOT (Web of Trust)

This add-on gives you an excellent opportunity for you to surf the internet. This add-on script scans every link and page of the browser when you surf on the internet. The links and pages you surf will be compared with the WOT database and let you know how safe it is to access the webpage. This add-on works for every browser and available for most browsers. This add-on can make you surf the internet safely and access only safe websites.


It is very irrigating too many people to login in many sites, we just have to type the logins credentials each time we go to a new site. Sometimes it’s not necessary to login but still the site offers a login page to login and access the data. This add-on retrieves the logins of the site you wanted to access, it gives a coupon try and if it works, then you can get access to the site without actually login to it. This one saves much time of its users by letting them to not create new logins each time they access the new site.

Video Download Helper

This is one another most useful browser add-on; we can download the videos using this add-on. We may watch different tutorials on the net, video related to business, interviews, education, courses, debates, live sessions, experiments and many other kinds. Normally we just have to watch them, if it’s necessary to watch them again, then we have to surf the page again have to wait until it buffers and have to watch them. Instead of that, install this add-on, which gives you an option to save the desired videos onto your desktop hard disk.