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5 Moves To Reshape Your Body With Ball Workout

Have you noticed the significant trend with those bouncy balls that you have seen everywhere lately? Stability balls, which are called by many names including Swiss balls, balance balls, exercise balls, or fitness balls – are used to help built cardio endurance, improve strength and balance. By using these large vinyl balls, you can enhance basic fitness moves like planks, squats and pushups by working on an unstable surface to get muscles moving into overdrive. Fitness balls are great for getting back into shape or replace your office chair as they can reduce spinal and muscle strain during movements while strengthening your core.

Some of the main joint pain causes are usually the result of having weak stabilizing muscles that work to support your joints. Using an exercise ball will improve your body’s natural balance and activate your stabilizing muscles. Without proper support, your joints will eventually collapse. This means that your bones will not have support and cannot support themselves. By strengthening the joints, your bones will have the properly supportive muscles to protect your body.

Transform your basic workouts with this great balancing tool as a simple squat or bicep curl will turn into a whole-body workout by using more of your body’s muscles all at once. This will also stimulate the muscles of the core which includes abdominal, deep pelvic, and low back muscles – which are important for good posture, movement control, and balance. A ball works out will stimulate the smaller muscles in addition to the ones being used in the workout itself.

Here are 5 Moves to Reshape Your Body with Ball Workout:

1. Squats

Grab an exercise ball and stand with it placed in between your lower back and a wall. Begin pressing your body towards the ball with your hands on your hips. Make sure that your feet are hip-width apart and positioned in front of you. Bend your knees and hips as you slowly move into a sitting position with your knees over your ankles. Make sure to keep the ball in contact as you move with your back. Return to your standing position to keep the ball in contact as you move. Repeat this step 5-15 times.

To make it more challenging, lift one foot off the ground and try the exercise with one foot. Switch to the opposite foot and repeat.

2. Crunches

Start by lying with your middle back on the ball with your feet flat on the ground. With your legs shoulder length apart, place your hands behind your head. Begin with lifting your upper body up by using your core muscles. Make sure not to pull with your hands or lift with your neck. Repeat this step 10-20 times.

You can make it more challenging by placing the ball on your lower back or lift one foot off the ground time and reverse.

3. Push-ups

With the fitness ball underneath your belly, lie face down with the palm of your hands flat on the ground. With your hands, properly walk out to a planking position and rest the ball anywhere from your ankles to your hips. This position works as an advanced pushup while allowing your spine, shoulders, hips and ears to stay aligned. Bend your elbows down to lower your body toward the ground as you keep your shoulders away from your hand. This will make your abdominal muscles stay engaged. Repeat this step 10-20 times.

To make it more challenging, you can move the ball closer to your ankles or perform the pushups with your toes on the floor and hands on the ball.

4. Hamstring Curls

Begin with your back with the ball placed under your heels and palms flat on the ground. Lift your hips upward slightly as you bend your knees to draw the ball towards your behind without moving your hips. Repeat this step 10-20 times.

You can make it more challenging by lifting your hips higher or keeping it straight as you lift one leg towards the ceiling. Just be sure to keep your hips firm throughout the routine.

5. Balance

With an exercise ball, sit on the ball with your hands on your hips. As you lengthen your spine, imagine a thread pulling the top of your head as your plant your feet together on the ground in front of the ball. Slowly lift one foot off the ground then hold for 5 -10 seconds and switch legs. Repeat this set 8 times per leg.

You can make it more challenging by positioning your toes on the ground with your heels up. Slowly lift the toes on one or both feet off the floor as you sit with only the ball touching the ground.

So, if your cardio and strength routine needs more improvements, try throwing in a fitness ball into your workout. Following proper Glozine lifestyle fitness will help you breathe new life into your routine and benefit your body with amazing body sculpting benefits.

Video: Stability Ball Workout By LaReine Chabut – Part 1

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