Thursday 18 April 2024

5 Pizza Toppings you need to try This Summer

Pizza toppings simply means any ingredient added over the pizza and the crust. Usually the ingredients added over the pizza are Italian sausages, meats, pepperoni sausage, seafood, bacon, vegetables etc.

In this blog I will be talking about some unconventional toppings for your pizza


Mushrooms which are mostly gotten from the earth can be a great ingredient for your pizza toppings because it fits right on the pizza. It can also be tried with eggs.

Mushrooms do compliment other toppings like meat, onions, cheese, olives etc. However, there are about 4 types of mushroom which are – Chanterelles, Portobello, Truffle and Porcini.

Mushrooms are a good source of vitamin C and protein, it can boost your immune system greatly.


Though there are so many different varieties of sausages, however anyone you decide to use sausages are consistently a favorite pizza topping.

Sausages are the second most popular toppings. Even though sausages add great flavor and taste to your pizza, it all depends on the type of sausages you use in other to get the desirable taste.

There are different types of sausages which includes – Mild, sweet, hot, fennel, pepper, fine-ground, patties, chunks, precooked, pinched etc.  There are also sausage crumbles.


Bacon is another great pizza topping that should be precooked before adding over the pizza. Bacon has to be cooked to be crisped. The amount of bacon you add to your pizza will depend on the amount you want.

Bacons should be added together with cheese. Bacon is cooked because it takes a way longer time to cook than the crust.

I think virtually everyone likes bacons as pizza toppings. Bacons really add great taste to you pizza and therefore cannot be overlooked when thinking of what topping to use for your home-made pizza or when next you walk into a pizza shop.


This is an essential topping and is often regarded as a must in Italian dishes, and pizza being an Italian dish. Though garlic is mostly used to spice red sauce for pizza.

But you might be thinking could garlic alone work as a pizza topping? The answer is yes but it has to be roasted before use. Garlic when chopped and roasted, make a great topping for your pizza.


Anchovies is a seafood and are great for pizza toppings. Anchovies has been used as toppings for Neapolitan pizza since as far back as 16th century. Anchovies are salty, fruity and savory.

This is the simplest of all toppings. The secret is to find the best which can be gotten from the Mediterranean and are usually packed in salt.

You can break one whole into 3 or 4 pieces depending on the total fillets per pizza. They can be added straight without cooking.

These are 5 great pizza toppings you need to get your hands on and taste. They really add a delicious taste to your pizza.

When next you walk into a pizza shop or hut, be sure to order for either one of the five pizza toppings. I bet you will love it.



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