Monday 26 February 2024

5 Pro Tips to Find the Perfect Cigar Humidor

Cigar Humidor

Do you love smoking cigars, and prefer keeping a collection of your own? That’s fantastic! But keeping up premium cigars like Gurkha Heritage Cigars, Gurkha Cellar Reserve Cigars, etc. can be a pain in the neck if you don’t know how to do it. Thankfully, humidors serve a great method to keep your cigars fresh and humidified for a long time.

They use specific parts to help control both the temperature and moisture level inside the unit to keep the tobacco’s flavor and freshness. However, how do you know you have picked the correct humidor for the job? In this post, we’ll discuss five pro tips that will help you make the right decision while shopping for cigar humidors.

1. Pick the Right Size

There is a wide range of cigar humidors in the market, available in different sizes, shapes, and other specifications. The initial step is to ensure that you buy a humidor that can best oblige your collection of cigars. For example, not all humidors go well with Gurkha Cellar Reserve Cigars. You might need a specific type to make sure it can accommodate your cigar correctly.

For example, when you are a cigar seller, you may be in an ideal situation going with room humidor. These “walk-in” models are ordinarily the size of a walk-in a storeroom and can be utilized to keep different types of cigars for long periods.

Remember, if you pick an inappropriate size humidor ( too large or too little), you are risking not having the option to maintain the temperature or moisture levels in your unit.

  • If the humidor is too small, you’ll be compelled to pack your cigars together or against each other. This could influence their flavor and shape.
  • If it’s excessively large, you won’t expand your humidor’s inside space, and the entirety of the added moisture could get absorbed by the cigars making them worse instead of keeping them fresh.

It’s smarter to go for a humidor that is somewhat bigger than needed so you can store more cigars in the future.

2. Portability Matters

What if you prefer smoking a cigar on-the-go? Do you travel a lot and looking for a humidor that can cater to your needs? Do you have cigars that are way too small for walk-in and other humidors?

Provided that this is true, consider buying a portable cigar humidor. These humidors are decent since they are lightweight, compact, and can be easily carried anyplace.

  • Most of the time, you’ll realize they are very reasonable compared to other-sized models that you’ll find in the market.
  • Portable humidors can convey two or three dozen cigars at a time.

Even if you have a big humidor, a portable option is always a good idea to consider.

3. Consider the Wood Type

The best humidors are made from Spanish cedar, which is the best wood type for controlling moisture. Yet they can likewise be produced using other woods such as oak, mahogany, cherry wood, etc.

  • The wood you pick is directly related to the humidor’s capacity to hold moisture and temperature.
  • Spanish cedar offers the best protection by a long shot, but on the other hand, it is the costliest of the different wood alternatives.
  • Mahogany is another excellent choice, but it won’t offer as a lot of protection from tobacco bugs and worms like the Spanish cedar does.

If you are buying premium cigars like Gurkha Cigars, you would not want to risk the freshness and flavor for the price of a cigar. So make sure you invest in a decent humidor, which is made from top-quality wood.

4. Where to Find Cheap Humidor?

The good news is, cheap humidors are everywhere. You will easily find them on the web, yet don’t be amazed if you find them in tobacco stores too! If you plan to buy a cheap cigar humidor, you’ll see it will last you only a couple of months before it begins to turn sour.

Standard humidors, ones that are appropriately made, are intended to keep going for quite a long time. Therefore, it’s better to get a humidor offered by trusted makers, and which has enough positive reviews from the users.

Don’t risk your overall smoking experience to save a couple of bucks on your humidor.

6. The Tightness of Seal

In the world of cigar humidors, tight seals mean everything!

Even when you buy the best humidor produced using the top-quality cedar, it won’t help you much if the seal isn’t tight enough.

A cigar humidor that does not have a tight seal is the same as having a regular cooler without a top on it – it wouldn’t protect appropriately.

If you are buying your humidor on the web, where you won’t have the option to check it before purchasing, ensure that you get some information about the seal.

So these are some useful tips that will guide you through your journey to buy the right cigar humidor. We recommend getting a decent humidor to keep up your premium collection of Gurkha Heritage Cigars, Gurkha Cellar Reserve Cigars, other types in the best condition.