Monday 22 April 2024

5 Quick Tips For Ordering Custom T-Shirts Online

5 Quick Tips For Ordering Custom T-Shirts Online

Out of the innumerable different types of clothing options available, the T-shirts are considered to be the most comfortable and easy going. A T-shirt is the ultimate clothing option for almost every kind of occasion. Be it a meeting or a day out, this comfy wear can be used at almost every time of the year. With the onset of the decade 2010, emerged out a great trend of printed T-shirts. There have always been a craze for the printed T-shirts but it rose much when people got the option to create whichever print they wished on their T-shirts. If you too are looking out for some cool printed online T-shirt designs, then there are a few pointers that you must consider. Mentioned below are some quick tips for ordering T-shirts online.

1. Make sure to Select the Right Size

It becomes easy to buy T-shirts from a shop, because you can actually wear them and try if they fit you well or not. But, when it comes to online T-shirt design printing, the same thing isn’t possible. It becomes very difficult to choose the size as the Medium size of one brand, might be Small size for the other brand and the measurements are never constant. In such cases, what you can do is, you can look out for the size chart that is available for most of the online clothing websites. These size charts are really helpful as they are designed according to the inches and help you select your ideal size.

2. Screen Printing and Digital Printing

When it comes to online T-shirt design printing, you have two options; screen printing or the digital printing. There is no best or the worst kind of printing, in fact it completely depends upon the needs and requirements of the people wearing it. Screen printing is a bit less expensive in comparison to the digital prints. Therefore, it goes without saying that a majority of people are into the screen printing. But, on the other hand, people that look for high quality usually go with the digital printing.

3. The Design Matters

The design is the main thing that will make or break the entire look of your T-shirt. Be very particular with the design that you wish to get imprinted on the T-shirt. The best thing about online T-shirt design printing is that you can ask the T-shirt company to print any design on earth on the T-shirt. But, it is advised that you must use this power efficiently.

4. Maintain a Decent Art to Product Ratio

While you are ordering printed T-shirts online, you must make sure that the art to product ratio is a decent one. Sometimes, the product is too large and the art is too small, other times it is vice versa. People very often ignore this very basic and important point of the art to product ratio. The size of the art must be in a definite ratio with the size of the T-shirt, the same size of the art will not be suitable for every size of the T-shirt.

5. Make sure the Product chosen is the Right One

The purpose of the product is an important factor, make sure you choose the right product according to the purpose. The choice of product will depend on the purpose, it can be for a football jersey team or it can be for a corporate office team.

Online T-shirt design printing is a very well known trend and almost every person today is opting the trend. There are numerous online websites that provide this service and before opting this service, there are some facts that you must know. Mentioned above are some tips that will help you make the right choice.