Monday 15 April 2024

5 Reasons To Get Citrix Certification

With the ever evolving need of the IT industry, the environment that supports cloud, mobile applications and software defined interfaces has to change each day. Citrix helps in keeping pace with these demands with the help of Citrix Certification courses for IT professionals.

Citrix, in a lay man terminology is a company that developed the world renowned Citrix software. Citrix gained its popularity by being amongst the pioneers to launch cloud monitoring and computing. Citrix uses the remote access methodology to connect two or more devices, server or even applications to each other. But apart from being a piece of technology, Citrix defines an ideology; an ideology that exists in a real world just like the attempts of artificial intelligence, to make a virtual experience into a real one. Citrix dwells on the ideology of inspiring creativity that inspires an individual at anytime and anywhere. This inspiration needs to be captured, on a platform created by Citrix.

Citrix Netscaler 10

For the one who would like to learn the Citrix environment, there are many modules available especially with specialized certification. Citrix Netscaler 10 is the latest update in the environment. This Netscaler is specifically designed for individuals who have already completed previous versions of Netscaler courses in the past. Citrix Netscaler 10 training includes Load Balancing and DNS, Networking, Netscaler updates, Traffic management, integrated caching, Database proxy and many more.

Citrix XenMobile

On the other hand, Citrix XenMobile training is also gaining popularity. This training instills the skill of efficiently handling the XenMobile environment on Netscaler, XenApp, XenDesktop and Xenserver. One can avail this training either individually or with a group at various locations in India. The cost of these courses varies basis the modules, location and type of training.

If you still are confused about pursuing Citrix certification, here are top 5 reasons you must consider it;

  1. Upgrade your knowledge: If you are familiar with Citrix environment, you must not hesitate to upgrade your knowledge to widen the horizon of opportunities.
  2. Authorized certification: Getting a certificate from a reputed institute gives you a better learning opportunity with quality syllabus. Also reputed institutes play a vital role in placements.
  3. Lab environment: Unlike some institutes wherein theory is focused more than practical, institutes that provide hands-on experience should be chosen. Some institutes even provide for 1-on-1 training incase if you feel attention of the trainer is diverted in a group.
  4. Enhanced module: The Netscaler 10 has many upgrades from the previous version. Some of these updates are a command in line interface and the configuration utility GUI. It also covers Netscaler TRiscaler Technology and implementation on clustering. Lastly, managing and troubleshooting the Netscaler nCore cluster.
  5. Cost effective: The Citrix certification cost in India depends on the module chosen by the student based on a given location. It also depends on the type of training such as 1 on 1 or group.

So, now if you are Citrix certified, above are convincing reasons to upgrade your skillset. Also expand your knowledge horizon to newer established platforms like XenMobile for better future opportunities