Tuesday 28 May 2024

5 Reasons you Might Need a Device Repair Service

If you own a smartphone or tablet, then you are one of more than 2 billion users worldwide who enjoy the versatility of a mobile device, and like anything else, it can go wrong. We tend to take our hand-held device very much for granted, and most users leave the device on 24/7, with overnight charging, the device has little, if any rest. As nice as it would be if a smartphone lasted a lifetime, they do have a shelf life, and more importantly, they can go wrong at any time. If you have yet to experience a mobile device malfunction, here are just a few of the reasons why it might break down.

  1. Battery Replacement – Typically, a smartphone battery will give you at least 2 years continual use, but there are occasions when the battery life rapidly declines. The very first charge should always be up to 100%, and failure to do this can result in a much shorter battery life. If your battery no longer holds a charge, contact a mobile device repair shop, who would have an extensive list of replacement batteries
  2. Screen Replacement – A smartphone screen is the most vulnerable component of all, and being glass, it will crack if subjected to sufficient force. Even a solid knock could cause the screen to pixelate and no longer display correctly, and a replacement is the only solution, as the screens are not repairable. If you happen to live in London, there is a shop that offers speedy smartphone screen repair in Hendon, and they can have your phone working in no time.
  3. Exposure to Water – While there are smartphones that you can immerse in a glass of water and they work fine, but otherwise, water, or any moisture is to be avoided. It is so easy to mishandle the device while at the beach or pool, and if you get caught in a torrential downpour, it could spell disaster for your smartphone. If the worst happens, take out the battery and try to dry out the device, and there is a tried and tested technique to do this. Simply immerse the device in uncooked rice, and this will absorb the moisture from within the device, and while there is no guarantee it will work, if the water had not yet fully penetrated, you might be lucky.
  4. Malware Infection – PCs and laptops are not the only devices at risk from a cyber-attack, as every device that can connect to the Internet is potentially open to malware infection. There are apps that will protect your phone, but if it does happen, then you have no choice but to take it to an expert.
  5. Software Issues – Some apps are not fully compatible with either Android or IOS platforms and this can cause a system crash, which might only happen a single time, but often the operating system is unable to boot up the next time you turn on the smartphone. Again, the device repair centre can assist and would re-install the operating system, however, you would have lost all your data.

Taking good care of your smartphone will reduce the risk of a failure, but these devices can go wrong at any time, and it is comforting to know that help is never far away in the form of a mobile device repair centre.