Friday 19 July 2024

5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Making Your Own Movie


Whether it’s a comedy, a biopic, a romantic comedy or even a documentary, the first film of any aspiring filmmaker is incredibly special. But while aspiring filmmakers certainly don’t lack the passion, stamina or charisma to make a film, they may not be fully prepared to understand just what all they should, or rather need, to do to make sure their debut venture is a success. So if you happen to be an aspiring filmmaker who is about to make his or her first movie, follow these five tips and you’re guaranteed to succeed. Think of these tips as important riders to keep in mind that are going to make things a lot easier and hassle free for your production.

5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Making Your Own Movie
1. Have a clear idea about the genre you’re making your film on:

This one should perhaps be a no-brainer, but actually is not. Before your production commences, before your casting is done, even before your script is complete, you need to have a clear idea about the genre you’re about to make your film on. You should be able to differentiate between all the genres of filmmaking and should know which one is going to best fit your film.

2. Do your thorough research:

After you’ve got a clear idea about the genre of your film, the next thing for you to do is conduct proper and adequate research. For instance, if you’re clear that you want to make a documentary, then do some research about how documentaries are made, what all filming structures are followed, how are scripts written and what all techniques are used. Alternatively, if you want to make a biopic, then carry out the same research vis-à-vis biopics. You can also watch the films of a particular genre to get a better idea about how they are made.

3. Plan a budged and a schedule:

No work can be effectively and efficiently done without planning a proper budget and schedule. The same holds true for filmmaking as well. So after you’ve decided what genre of filmmaking you’re going to be indulging in and have carried out adequate and proper research about it, your next step should involve planning a budget and schedule. You should also make it a point of meeting your schedule and not over-going your budget so as to not cause yourself any major inconveniences.

4. Take assistance from corporate video companies:

Since you’re an amateur filmmaker, you might not have all the resources needed to properly make a film. As such, you should think about hiring a corporate video company. These companies can assist you with a wide variety of services that include, but aren’t limited to, script writing, casting, storyboard designing, set designing, production designing, sound designing, cinematography, graphic development, non-linier editing and color correction.

5. Think about a release outlet in advance:

After you’ve completed your film and have effectively gone through all three stages of production (pre-production, production, post-production), you need to release your film. Considering you’re an amateur filmmaker, this might not be as easy as it seems. So it’s advisable for you to think about your release outlet well in advance. Whether you’ll be screening the film only at film festivals, releasing them on online streaming sites like Netflix, uploading them on YouTube or releasing them across screen nationally, you need to think about this well in advance.