Sunday 19 May 2024

5 Things You Might Not Know Before Buying A Used Car!

5 Things You Might Not Know Before Buying A Used Car!

When it’s a used car that is being bought, the challenge can be quite daunting. The best way to handle the situation is to be aware of the risks and the pitfalls associated with buying a used car.

Which Car to go for:

Often used cars of certain models are not preferred as they might run up huge expenditure once they start ageing. To ensure that the purchase does not prove to be too costly, it is advisable to research well to find out which car models are best suited for a used car purchase.

Best Price for the Model:

While the price list for a new car is available in the market, there can be a complete lack of transparency with regard to used cars. Not only can the prices vary from cars of the same model but there could be variations among the cities as well. So, it is important to both understand the going price for a particular model by researching well online and among dealers to know what is going on.

Hence, the price can be a grey area and clearly one of the points that a buyer may not know before buying a used car.

5 Things You Might Not Know Before Buying A Used Car!


Another important, but often overlooked, point is the completeness of documentation of the vehicle being sold. This is especially true when the purchase happens between known people and outside of a regulated environment like an established dealer or company run used car network. Besides the registration papers, it should also be checked whether any earlier ownership trail is present in the documents. Also to be scrutinized are the papers pertaining to insurance and pollution checks done. Finally, going over the past servicing records is a very wise thing to do as that itself can throw up some much needed clarity regarding the present condition of the vehicle.

Actual Physical Condition of the Body:

Before forming any assessment of one’s own, it is important to have a qualified mechanic accompany when checking the car. Many an issue could crop up in an expert’s scrutiny that an otherwise normal end user might overlook. Dents and scratches are often ‘done up’ by the sellers so that it does not affect the sale.

Condition of the Engine:

Another critical component is the engine. An expert survey, or better still a test drive, can give a clear indication of the condition of the engine. If not maintained and run well, the purchase can be a bad one. Take a mechanic to get the engine checked.

Buying a used car, therefore, needs to be well thought out. Being aware of the above five points before buying a used car can help avoid making a costly mistake.