Monday 15 April 2024

5 Tips For Utilizing Your Company’s Business Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer for your business is one of the smartest decisions a manager can make. Someone who is trained in business law understands the rules, laws, and codes that govern industry transactions and can help your company to avoid costly or time-consuming mistakes. A lawyer on staff is readily available to answer questions and provide legal advice on several key aspects of operations.


A job description must be carefully worded to accurately reflect the duties a newly-hired employee will need to handle. Failure to include all responsibilities or to unconsciously misrepresent the position can lead to confusion, frustration, or even litigation under certain circumstances. Training a new employee is also critical, as someone who is improperly prepared to do the job may fail or cause problems, leading to possible legal ramifications. Your business lawyer can review applications, contracts, and job descriptions to ensure accuracy in terms of legality.

Government Compliance

Wherever the business operates, it needs to conform to city, county, state, and federal codes and standards. Zoning laws, tax codes, and working conditions are just some of the relevant issues on which your lawyer should be consulted.

Safety Standards

Another critical issue is workplace safety. This may relate to equipment operation, facility cleanliness and tidiness, employee background checks, parking lot security, and a host of related concerns. Written policies and procedures should be reviewed by your attorney to ensure everything is in safe working order and that employees as well as customers and surrounding residents are protected in accordance with industry and government safety regulations and common sense practice.

Quality Control

Although technical aspects of your business are mostly managed by company administrators and staff, it is often a good idea to consult with your attorney about product quality and consumer well-being. If a product or service develops a flaw, your attorney should be involved in discussions about the best way to handle it, including options like a refund, a recall, or a revision/remake.

Customer Service

Customers play a major role in a company’s success or failure, so it is important to listen carefully when they register a complaint through customer service. Sometimes a disgruntled customer just wants to vent without desiring a specific response. But other times, a customer demands an action that should be processed through the attorney, such as a change in company policy or an advertised product description.

Contact a firm like Strauss Troy for more information about how a business lawyer can help your company. A professional who can protect your company’s reputation and compliance finances should be utilized liberally.