Saturday 02 March 2024

5 Tips To Make Your Home Safer Today

Safety – it’s a word we use so frequently, but what does it really mean when it comes to our homes? Safety can be defined in many ways, such as home security, which is the process of making our homes safer from the threat of thieves, and safety in a health and hygiene sense. Here we look at both forms of safety and discuss five ways to make your home safer for you and your family today.

  • Have a Security Risk Assessment Conducted

If it’s been some time since you’ve had new locks installed, it’s a good idea to start by having a security risk assessment conducted at your home. A risk assessment will identify the areas that need attention, for example, the entry points to your home.

  • Have New Locks and Security Bars Installed

New locks and security bars are an excellent means of making your home a safer place. New locks deliver greater security than older locks as the designs, manufacturing processes and materials have been updated, so contact leading local locksmiths like Action Lock to carry out a risk assessment of your home and install new locks and security bars to keep thieves out of your home. You may not live in a high-risk area, but all homes should have up-to-date locks and high-quality security bars.

  • Have Security Cameras Installed

Security cameras for your Perth home will make it less of a target to thieves and provide the police with video evidence if someone was to attempt to break into your home. A simple system will suffice in most cases, one with cameras that cover all the entry points to the property. This is one of the best ways to secure your home, plus it may also benefit you in the way of reduced insurance premiums. Ask your insurer about security systems and how to reduce your insurance premiums.

  • Have Your Carpets Cleaned Regularly

It’s remarkable how much of a threat our carpets can be. Yes, they seem so innocuous lying there doing nothing, but it’s what gathers and collects in the carpet that poses a threat to our health and lives. Having your carpets cleaned regularly is an example of the many things that you can do around the home to remove threats, that although aren’t seen, are just as dangerous as visible threats.

  • Have Repairs Carried Out Promptly

The moment that you notice something’s broken, make the effort to resolve it immediately. Whether it’s the plumbing, the electricity, or a broken lock on a window, fixing it promptly can help to keep your family safe from harm.

In conclusion, there are many ways to make our homes safer places for ourselves and our families to reside. From enhancing security by having a risk assessment conducted to identify security risks and having new CCTV cameras, locks and security bars installed, to making the home cleaner and more hygienic with regular carpet cleaning, as well as having the required repairs carried out promptly, we can all do many things to make our homes safer and more secure places.