Tuesday 23 April 2024

5 Ways The Internet Of Thing Is Transforming Our Lives

The internet of stuff has changed a lot about how we live and will most likely continue changing things in the future. It is deemed as nothing short of futuristic and incredible. There will come a time when we will not even have to drive our cars or do any chores in our homes. Things are quickly changing, and some of these things have already been made a reality. Let’s face it, life is not always easy, especially when you have a demanding career, young kids who need tending to and a spouse who also needs some of your time. I mean, how do you juggle between all that and still find some time for yourself and probably your friends. The internet of things will most likely start in our homes from the very moment we wake up, to the moment we climb back to bed. There will probably be alarms waking you up and ensuring that you wake up. Sensors showing you the clothes you need for the day as they will be synchronized with the weather to make sure that you do not put on a light blouse when it is raining. Cars were driving themselves to the parking lot as they will be able to sense you as you get out of the house. Refrigerators will give you reminders of the things that you need to get from the market. Light bulbs will automatically switch themselves off once you have left a room. So how exactly is the internet of things transforming our lives?

Personal Health

Well, this is already happening as some technology gadgets have already been developed to assist us in our health. Some devices such as the Fitbit allow us to monitor our weight, our calories and our general health in the long run. These devices watch our weight by showing us the distance that we may have walked at a particular period and the calories that were burned in that time. Some of these gadgets even monitor our heart rates allowing us to know earlier when things are elevated before illnesses like Diabetes hit us. The Internet of things will allow things like fridges remind you of the fruits and vegetables that you need to buy and remind you to live a better lifestyle. These are breaking tech news that you should beware of.

Drive Smoothly

IOT will allow us to drive quickly through the streets. Today some cars have already been developed that have some neat features. Electric car maker, Tesla has drawn up some innovative software that downloads service updates on your vehicle and on top of that it alerts the driver when he needs to bring the car to Tesla for some services. This will save a lot of time for you as you wait in the queue to go and service your vehicle and will even allow you know the problem of your car before it accelerates and become worse.

Efficient Farming

Yes, the internet of things will also work in agriculture. Imagine a device that monitors your agriculture and does some pre-farming for you, saving you time that you could have used to visit the specialists in this field. Well, John Deere’s field connect system can monitor the moisture levels of your soil allowing you to know if that soil is perfect for growing whatever you want to build. It also measures soil and air temperature and rainfall levels.

Property Safety

The internet of things will now give us some sought of security when we are away from our homes. Bosch has already developed a surveillance camera that is also IP enabled. This camera will directly connect you to the camera that you have set up at your home and allow you view your property

Caring for the Elders

Caring for the elders sometimes is no easy task as it requires your undivided attention. Gadgets have already been developed that can trace the elderly when for example, they seem to be lost. There are also gadgets that monitor their heart rates and breathing to ensure they are fine. Some devices are already making available some living spaces for the elderly.


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