Sunday 26 May 2024

5 Ways to Fund and Launch Your Personal Gaming Project

Video games are bigger than they have ever been. In fact, in regards to earnings and consumer interest, they outpace pretty much every other form of entertainment. Hollywood wishes it was still as big as gaming is now. As such, there are many people that want to break into this growing and profitable market. If you want to develop your own games, you have a few different choices for funding and launching your own gaming project.

Seek Out Private Investors

Seeking out private investors is the traditional way to fund an entertainment project. It’s the way the motion picture industry has operated for many decades. You can also fund your game through private investment. In exchange, those investors will receive a certain cut of the profits as determined by their contracts.

Use a Crowd Funding Platform

One of the most popular options for funding a game is to use a crowd funding platform. The most popular options are Indiegogo and Kickstarter. On both platforms, you give possible funders a pitch about what will be in your game. This can include test footage, graphics and more. The funders then donate to your project in exchange for the eventual game as well as other content, features and perks as determined by their donation amount.

Work with a Gaming Paying Service

As a game developer, you probably want to focus mostly on developing your game from the ground up. The financial and distribution aspects also need to be taken care of, but they are probably not what you want to focus on. One option you have is to work with a gaming paying service like Xsolla. Such a service can help fill in a lot of blanks while you focus on building your game.

Use a Patron Subscription Service

Another twist on crowdfunding is the patron subscription service. The most well-known example is Patreon. With Patreon, you would have patrons provide you with a monthly income for developing your game. This is different than funding the entire project at one time like you would with Indiegogo. Patrons should also be given special perks like early access to beta versions of the game in exchange for their patronage.

Work Directly with a Specific Gaming Platform

You should also consider working directly with a particular platform. Beyond consoles, there are websites and online stores with huge user bases like Steam. You also have mobile platforms to choose from like Apple and Android. If you are considering one particular platform in particular, contact the platform holder to find out specifics regarding your options developing for them. In certain cases, you may be able to get a better deal if your game is restricted to that platform. Gaming is a huge billion dollar business that continues to grow by leaps and bounds. It’s certainly an industry worth pursuing as a career option. Consider the options above as well as others for finding ways to fund and launch your own game.