Tuesday 23 April 2024

5 Wrong Doings On PC

5 Wrong Doings On PC

We have been using the ­­­using the computer for so many days, but still we don’t do something’s properly. The computer must be used in a proper way to handle it carefully for efficient use. People do multiple tasks while working on the PC, but there is something’s go wrong immediately, which can cause the trouble to computer which may damage the computer peripherals. It is always necessary to care the things surrounded in the space of computer table. These things should keep away from the computer table in order to keep the computer hardware and peripherals to be safe.

Liquid Stuff

People who work for long hours will bring their liquid snack items neat to their computer, they will have them while working on the computer. This is smart idea, but by mistakes many people have dropped the liquid stuff on the computer keyboards, mouse and other peripherals. Some people keep the glass of liquids on the CPU this is always a bad idea to follow, you should keep the these kinds of the things away from the computer.

Using Damaged Cables

It is always recommended to use a proper cable to supply power to the computer, it is not recommended to use the damaged cables which can cause an electric shock. When you turn off the power supply and not used the computer for so many days, you need to check the power supplying cable before you turn it again, because Rats can damage the cables or by any other reasons the cable may get damaged so be careful and check once before you turn it on.

Using Wet Clothes to Clean

Cleaning the computer always a little risky job as the wet things are very easy attracting the electricity. When you’re cleaning the computer with wet cloth make sure that the power supply is turned off. Using the wet clothes on the boards is always not preferable, use the dry clothes to remove dirt out from the board.

Keeping the CPU at Warm Places

The CPU machine when it runs creates the heat itself, keeping the CPU at warm places can damage the peripherals. It is necessary to keep the CPU in a cool place where the dirt and dust can be less. Otherwise the computer machines attracts the dirt inside the board which can cause a big trouble, it makes the computer run slower and can damage the some delicate parts of the computer. So it is recommended to keep the machines in a cool place not in warm areas.

Connecting Multiple Devices to One Machine

This is one more thing we shouldn’t do, connecting multiple devices can slower the PC and also become an obstacle which can become a dragger of the CPU, sometimes these devices can cause serious trouble for the present work going on. Use the less no of devices once at a time.