Thursday 30 May 2024

6 Awesome Solar Powered Homes

Solar powered homes are said to be the wave of the future. These homes offer benefits that far outweigh current energy sources for heating and living. Solar homes are better for our planet with only a slim percentage of the vast greenhouse gasses that exist in other homes. Some may still think of solar in it’s beginning stages when panels were unattractive on a home. Solar has made great strides since then. Now solar homes are some of the most beautiful to be found nationwide. For example, these six homes from various locations offer plenty of proof that a home can rely on the powerful energy of solar and still be a gorgeous comfortable home.

  • In New Jersey, you can find a five-bedroom home which sits on a lush two-acre spread. It has an open floor plan and has been fitted with the latest technology including rooftop solar. These panels along with other installed technology are controlled by your phone. With the beautiful New York City skyline in few views, it goes to show that solar works even if the home is not far from other structures.
  • In Patagonia, Arizona there is a home that may be what most think of when thinking of solar homes. That is it is built into a hillside and is an “earth shelter” solar house. This home has a solar photovoltaic system. This kind of solar system has components that lead from the solar panels going throughout the home to provide also the electric power to the home. Even so, it is a very attractive home built like and considered a dome home with curved walls and doors. Solar even powers a well for water so this beautiful home is completely off the grid.
  • There is an absolutely breathtaking home located in Boulder, Colorado which was designed with floor to ceiling glass walls for a stunning view. Additionally, these glass walls are solar as well collecting, storing and distributing solar energy to the home.The green roof in this smart home also has both passive solar design and rooftop panels.
  • A Hawaiian beach and sunshine and a stunning solar home create a dream come true. In Hawaii, there is an alluring home that pleases the eye and soothes the spirit by offering a panoramic view of the ocean. It boasts 28 solar panels in the home and a solar-powered custom-made security gate. Inside the home, cherry wood doors and granite countertops add finishing touches to this perfect solar home.
  • In Denison, Texas there is a home that was built in 1984. Eco-friendly it not only has 80 solar panels but also a reverse osmosis water filtration system. Made of concrete and granite this sturdy home is safe and beautiful. With wood trim, a flagstone fireplace and stone floors solar creates a strong home that is more than energy efficient but cozy.
  • A solar home in Ketchum, Idaho has one gorgeous room after another. From the chef’s kitchen to the master suite covering the entire second floor, you will find plenty of comfort with fireplaces, two decks, and wine storage. The best part is the solar-paneled covered roof making it one of the most stunning green homes made.

Farryn Campbell owns a small farm that is now solar powered and spends a good majority of her time helping others in her community to live green within her small Pacific Northwest Town. She also enjoys riding horses and hiking the local mountain trails.