Friday 12 April 2024

6 Easy Steps To More Content Writing Sales

No matter which industry you are in. Sales improvement is a major challenge faced in every industry. And, content writing is no exception. Every day, hundreds of writers emerge, and before you even realize, the race would have begun, for boosting content writing sales. Here are a few steps you should take, to improve your content writing sales performance. These steps will help you in getting more freelance content writing projects, and can also help you in becoming popular, and one of the most sought after content writers.

Build a portfolio for yourself: If you are an experienced freelance content writer, having already done many content projects, then stocking your portfolio with all your work will only take a few hours for you. However, if you are a beginner, who has just begun to search for content projects, then, it is pretty much a challenge. However, you could work on a few projects for free, only to stock your portfolio. For this, you might approach your own friends, relatives, or family members, who own blogs or websites. You could tell them that you are willing to offer your content writing services for free. They wouldn’t definitely mind, providing you an opportunity. This step will certainly help in going further, to sell your content writing skill.

Join an online content writing group: Linked in and Facebook have many content writing groups, which have been created by some of the renowned content writers in India. People usually post projects in those groups, to find prospects for their content projects. This way, you definitely stand a good chance in getting content projects.

Get referrals from your previous clients: Build a good rapport with your clients. Complete their content projects on time, and deliver high quality content to them. Once you come to know that they are one hundred percent satisfied with what you have delivered, then, request them to provide a testimonial for you. You may post those testimonials in your portfolio. You may also request them to refer you to other people, who can offer content projects.

Search for freelance content writing jobs from job sites: Job sites also post freelance and work from home content writing jobs, along with full-time and part-time jobs. You may want to look for freelance content writing jobs, in job websites as well. Have a professionally written resume ready, and apply for freelance content writing jobs through job websites.

Have samples from various niches: One of the primary attributes which is expected from content writer is, an ability to write content on various topics and in different genres. You might already have some of your previously written content. If not, then create samples with content of various niches and genres. Many companies, who hire freelance content writers, ask for samples, along with a resume.

Linked in Profile: Create a Linked in Profile to earn freelance opportunities. In Linked in, while creating a profile, you may also upload your published articles, samples, professionally published content, and project works. This will increase your credibility as a freelance writer. Also, through linked in, you may join some content writing groups, where people hunt for Content writers in India, for their content related could find brilliant content writer at Contentmart