Monday 15 April 2024

6 Effective Ways Brands Can Use Chatbots As Their Marketing Strategies


In this digital era, brands know that customers prefer easy access to apps and for this purpose, brands are developing and using Chatbots as their marketing strategies to gain a competitive edge.

Common platforms for the development of bots are Facebook, Kik, Slack,, Tay. Usually, brands prefer these platforms to develop their bots. The detail of how different brands build their bots is discussed below.

  1. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

KLM Airlines launches its bot this year. This new bot on Facebook Messenger can send you all your flight information in just a few minutes. The KLM bot is running in some locations and will be available worldwide in few days.

To take benefit from this bot, you have to choose the option “receive information via messenger” while booking your tickets on the website. Once you are done with this you will receive all the related information. You can also contact the staff above the bot’s pay grade.

  1. Beauty & Clothing retail brands- H&M, Kipling, Beautycon

Kik Bot Shop marketplace is allowing many brands to be in the streamline of building chatbots as brand’s marketing strategy. H&M, Sephora, Kipling, Beautycon, and is vs pink are some of the brands taking advantage from Kik’s Bot Shop

Beautycon & Sephora–  Beautycon & Sephora launched a chatbot on Kik and it provides many facilities to users. Like it offers them bespoke beauty tips, product recommendations, beauty tips, reviews and product features.

Moreover, the users can purchase most recommended products in chat without leaving the Kik app.

  1. Whole Food-Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Gourmet

The bots launched by different supermarkets and food suppliers are advantageous for foodies. Like the gourmet supermarket’s bot offers services of a practical chef and provide recipes of different dishes immediately by entering just the emoji of that particular food.

Ping the bot a picture of a pineapple, and it will mention a pineapple slushy. Similarly, paste a watermelon emoji, and it will recommend a baked watermelon jerky dish.

  1. Local transport service Providers-Uber

Uber launches its bot via Facebook Messenger. If you are a Facebook Messenger user, then you can avail Uber’s chatbot benefits.

Uber chatbot helps you to start a conversation with riders and also provides you status updates like rider’s information, time and etc.

Additionally, Uber’s incorporation permits users to call/invites rides within their Facebook messenger chat list by just a click on the address.

  1. Health Tap

Chatbot facilities will improve as technology advances and it will provide more services that combine computer and human interaction.

Health Tap is a chatbot launched by Digital health via Facebook messenger and it is beneficial as it allows users to connect with real and more experienced doctors at a time.

To avoid any inconvenience Digital Health has chatbot functionality in its messenger incorporation so users can get the immediate answer to repeated questions.

Repeated questions are answered immediately as bot searchers for the similar question and deliver the previous answer given before sending the repeated question the network of experienced doctors.

  1. GE (General Electric)

GE developed a chatbot named “Dot the Bot” via Facebook messenger. This chatbot makes science facts accessible to the customer in the form of a string of emoji.

Points are given to customers when they answer any question related to science fact correctly and this also enhances their knowledge.

Brands are getting benefits from chatbots. As they are empowering consumer’s facilities and streamlining the purchases by simple and accessible chatbots. Brands can also launch their chatbots in the same way as above mentioned brands did and should focus on a “pull model” to facilitate the conversation.

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