Tuesday 25 June 2024

6 Signs It Is Time To Rebrand!

6 Signs It Is Time To Rebrand!

People, in general, don’t understand the value of re branding.  They normally associate it as not being loyal to the initial values of the business. You see it’s just that, you’re not being disloyal, but rather you are enhancing the business through re branding and making a serious investment for the future of your business. You can’t seem to be attracting the right type clients, or they and competition just can’t see what you truly have to offer.  Do you need to re-brand? Below are six signs that it just might be time to start re branding.

  1. The Brand Name & Vision Don’t Mirror Each Other

As time goes by, things change. What used to be trendy 20 years ago is no longer representing what your brand is now.  Culture has a huge impact on what meaning brands can have, or sometimes the name itself may have just outgrown the vision.  That being said, don’t let the “has been” name attach itself to the brand – as it might decrease its value.

  1. It Makes Your Business Representation Look Outdated

Visual representation is more or less second to human nature.  What we present visually represents us. If you are embarrassed every time you mention your website or you reach for your card – there is a problem. You feel the representation doesn’t give your brand that spark of creativity, or the value proposition of your business, and lacks to make a presence (online and offline) –it’s probably time to contact a branding agency.

  1. Clients Can’t See The Difference Between You And The Competition

What you have to offer, is what makes you different. Branding is what make you stand out from the competition.  If consumers cannot see what you are doing differently from your competition, which means your value proposition is being lost.  Re branding, or doing a whole 360-degree makeover for your brand may attract potential clients to your uniqueness.

  1. Your Brand Seems Confused

When branding, design becomes everything.  Can you get your message across with your current design? Or does it seem like two or three brands have been smashed together? At this point people are not seeing a definition, and when there is a clear-cut message that means there is a defined outcome. It’s time to re brand.

  1. 5. Your Business Model Is No Longer The Same

As companies progress with time, their business strategy changes with time. Hence, if the business goals have changed, that means so has the overall business model. Looking at what has been trend-spotting in the marketplace, the immense change with the use of technology, your business model will have to change as well. And as your business progressively changes, it’s a given so will your brand.  So show everyone what your brand is now all about –re brand.

  1. You’ve Grown Too Big For Your Brand

As mentioned before, as time progresses so does your business.  Your business and its operations are sure to expand immensely, geographically or operationally. That means with growth there are unexpected gains. And with unexpected gains, there are serious changes – re branding should definitely be on the table. Your brand may have the potential to compete with other brands; this is the best time for a makeover.  If you need an assignment help UAE, there are many agencies there that do such work.

Have you seen any of these red flags being raised? Or have caught your attention? If so, you do know it’s time to call that branding agency that approached you right? And all for good reason as well.  Don’t worry, you are making the right decision, this is an investment that will pay off – for you and your brand.

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