Thursday 18 April 2024

6 Ways The Internet Of Things Change Our World


The internet of things or IoT for short is now becoming a thing. Everything we use will utilize the power of the World Wide Web. We may be looking at the next Industrial Revolution right here. The ultimate power of data and sharing will be right in the palm of our hands.

One could even go as far as to say that even poor villages and areas can even surf the web. The access to the internet will be limitless. Let us see what kind of future the online industry will pave the way for us.

  1. Every Office Will Be Connected

Who isn’t without a smartphone these days? With each employee become one with their office through the internet, getting work done will be a whole lot more fun and rewarding. Dropbox and Evernote are perfect examples of this.

You can organize all of your daily assignments; collaborate with your colleagues and more. Production and sales will take a huge leap from that point. Subtle, efficient and convenient is the future for offices all over the earth.

  1. Explosion of Data

To this day, there are still a handful of companies that have sought the power of the internet. These are the brands that are doing the right kind of business. Since most of their audience is digitally connected, it just makes sense to be able to get through to them from the screens of their smartphones.

The reason why there is not much data mining around is due to the lack of experience in using it. Another reason is that that data is much harder to collect. You can’t just go around and ask every person in town what they like as it’s too stressful.

Imagine how much our problems would lessen should everything become connected.

  1. Spreading Of Beacons

Beacons are actually a new way of saying that apps can open in the right place at the right time. While browsing around the net these beacons send out coupons and invite to customers. The app would only open on the right page and bring up only that information and tools that the employee needs.

  1. Smarter And Faster Bluetooth

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are looking to go to war when it comes to delivery data at high speeds and longer ranges. Although it seems Bluetooth is on the verge of introducing tech that is already set to do what is four times faster than Wi-Fi.

Mesh networking is also an interesting feat that will connect every device in a house or even in a building. Bluetooth is looking for a share of smart infrastructures, location-based services, and industrial automation.

  1. No More Heavy Traffic

There seems to be no end to urbanization. This means that there will be more traffic problems that will be making their way into the future. Whether it is commuting by household vehicles or taking the bus, traffic will hit an all-time high soon.

It’s a good thing there are plans to mitigate this dilemma for the days to come. There will be spotlights that come with embedded video sensors, allowing them to adjust their green and red lights to where the cars mostly are in the day. Not only will it reduce congestion, but also smog. It’s killing two birds with one stone.

  1. Better Fitness

As we speak, there is a line of break-through innovations that will help boomers live longer. There are even new sensors that let us know if and when the health of people living at home is worsening. This can also immediately alert their health care teams about it and prescribe an appropriate solution at once.

Let us make way for a more connected future where all our problems can be addressed and resolved quicker than today.

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