Monday 26 February 2024

7 Coding Mistakes That Codeigniter Developers Usually Make

7 Coding Mistakes That Codeigniter Developers Usually Make

Codeigniter is an open-source MVC-based web framework that enables rapid software development. It facilitates the creation of dynamic PHP-based websites with ease and agility. Known for its rich set of libraries, high security, and impeccable features, the framework has today emerged as one of the most popular programming frameworks for a diverse range of applications. The popularity of this platform has reached to such an extent that most businesses are looking to hire Codeigniter PHP developer to create high-end applications for them. Despite the extensive advantages of CI, there are certain mistakes that developers usually make with this platform. Let’s check them out:

1. Ignoring code reusability: Code reusability is a smart idea that developers usually use during web application development. It generally happens that a few modules share common functionality, which means that a common code can be created for them and reused in different instances. This not only eases the development process but also facilitates the management of updates. Ignoring code reusability is one big error that can cost the developers a lot of time and effort.

2. Not using the default functions: The platform comes with numerous default features that should ideally be used. However, professionals sometimes are inclined to building custom functions during Codeigniter corporate application development, which can result in wastage of time.

3. Not having Validation on client and server side: Having Validation at the server side (in addition to the client side) enhances the security of the web application and comes to rescue if it fails to work at the client side. Not doing so is another mistake that a developer can make as CI comes with a well-built validation library.

4. Writing Queries or Logic in View File: The MVC structure is not to be followed in CI by default though it is a preferred practice. Another mistake that CI developers can make is to write the queries or logic in the view file instead of the model and/or controller. Writing a query in view file affects the MVC structure, which in turn can impact the system’s performance.

5. Not using default security methods: Another big error at the developer’s end is nor using the default security methods, namely

  • XSS Filtering which is responsible for looking for the methods that trigger JavaScript or other codes which try to manipulate cookies or do some other malicious activities
  • Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) which checks the saved tokens in sessions/cookies and accepts the request only if the value in form request matches the saved token

6. Not using user-friendly URLs: A URL string shares a one-to-one relationship with its corresponding controller class/method. Developers use routing to control the way URLs are mapped to controllers. Not using user-friendly URLs, therefore, can land them in a big fix.

7. Spelling errors: Another seemingly simple CI error is related to spelling mistakes in coding but the implications of this error can be problematic. They can leave a variable or function undefined and should be resolved at a minute level.


Even though CodeIgniter is an acclaimed framework, its performance can still be adversely affected because of even minor errors on the developer’s behalf. Therefore, there is a need to find a reliable Codeigniter web application development company to partner you for your CI project. This will ensure that you get error-free development services for creating a perfect application for your business.

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