Saturday 22 June 2024

7 Common Types of Back Pain That Need Your Doctor’s Attention

A lot of people push the boundaries when it comes to their physical health. People tend to avoid dealing with the body pains that they’re experiencing because of the following:

  • They think it’s a hassle
  • They think that it’s not a big deal 
  • The costs of treating their current pain may not be worth it

However, if people don’t address these soon, it may end up worsening the situation. This applies to the different types of back pain that people will feel, as well.

Sometimes, simple back pain that has other effects means there’s something wrong with your body. That’s why it’s advised that people check with medical professionals.

If people continue to ignore the back pain that they’re feeling, then they might end up coming out worse than if they had it looked at on the get-go.

On that note, there are several types of back pain that you need to pay attention to so that you can get the medical attention that you need. These are just some of the more common ones that you should be wary of. Check them out below:

Pain With Fever

If you’re experiencing back pain along with fever, then this might be a major sign that something is wrong.

It could perhaps be an infection of some sort that you’re not aware of. If you have a fever and you feel like you have a tender spot on your back, then you might have an infection that’s affecting your spine.

If you have an infection, then most likely, the back pain and fever are side effects of it. This might be a concern for you if the back pain is continuous alongside your fever.

Pain That Lasts Longer Than 10 Days

Any pain, even if it isn’t back pain, that lasts longer than ten days or so requires medical attention.

It’s not normal to be in pain for a long time. Otherwise, it means that something is definitely not right with you. Thus, you need to get checked as soon as possible.

Not only should you want to be able to find a cure immediately, but you also want to be able to know what it is you’re dealing with as soon as possible. Waiting any longer than ten days will make it harder for your body to heal or go back to normal if you’re not careful.

Pain Along With Numbness and Tingling

Another thing that you should look into with back pain is whether or not that pain comes with a lack of feeling or numbness. If not numbness, then you should look into any tingling or “pins and needles” feeling on back.

This temporary loss of feeling isn’t normal, and you should make sure that you get that checked out. It may indicate that there’s something that’s affecting the nerves around the back or around your neck area too.

Pain With Loss of Bladder Control

According to The Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centres of Ontario (PARC), which offers physiotherapy in Greater Toronto Area, you might need to head to the emergency room if your back pain comes alongside a loss of bladder control.

This might mean that something is compressing your nerves in the bladder and bowel so much that it is causing paralysis.

If addressed quickly, then this loss of bladder control should only be temporary. However, if the nerves of your bladder and your bowel are left compressed for too long, then it can be harder for them to go back to normal.

This is the reason why you need medical attention immediately.

Pain Caused by Trauma

If you’ve recently had an injury or an accident of some sort to the area around your neck or your back and the pain from the physical trauma hasn’t gone away, then you need to get it checked.

You would want to address any spinal injuries that you may have incurred because of that physical injury that you suffered from.

You should tell your doctor about what occurred so that they can have a better understanding of what has happened to you.

Pain Accompanied by Leg Pain

Feeling pain from your lower back down through your leg may also be an indication that you probably pinched a group of nerves.

If you find yourself having difficulty walking like you can’t lift your leg, you have to drag it, or even numbness together with back pain, then you might have a muscle strain.

Another thing that you might have can come from a herniated disc or bone spurs. If the pain radiates from the lower back into your buttocks and down only one leg, then it’s likely sciatica.

Pain That is Shooting  Down Your Back

Shooting pain that goes up and down your back can be just a muscle spasm that occurs from time to time. However, it might also mean that you have a herniated disc if you don’t get it checked.

It may also be an indication of an infection of some sort, so make sure that you get that checked if sharp back pain occurs often.


If you are experiencing any of these symptoms in addition to back pain, then you should seek medical attention to be safe.

It’s better to worry about paying your bills for a simple check-up than have to worry about whether you are physically alright.

Give yourself that peace of mind by monitoring your body and addressing any concerns as soon as they occur.