Tuesday 28 May 2024

7 Insanely Smart Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Flowers

It is true that for everyone wedding is a fairy tale. You must have dreamt of having fancy blooms in your hand when you walk through the aisle. However, these flowers can really blow away your budget especially if you opt for a dozen of arrangements. And then you have the cake, lounge and outfits arrangements too to further loosen up your pockets. So, if you want to go frugal with those pretty blossoms, take these effective methods into consideration.(and thank us later on)!

Be upfront with your florist

Discuss the budget with your florist and tell them your constraints frankly. Give as many guidelines as you feel is essential. But don’t be a nitpick in their work. After all, they are best in their work. You can give them your suggestions based on your style and palette but let them take the final call. Also, you can do a little bit of research in finding a luxury florist in London which understands your needs and demands and work accordingly.

Seasonals are the best!

One of the thrifty ways of doing your flower shopping is to buy those blossoms which are seasonal. This will also ensure their freshness and even the stems would be less expensive. Also, you can look for those flowers which are available for all the 12 months of the year. For example orchids, roses and calla lilies. The best part is you can buy these flowers from the local vendor present in your city. This way, you’d be saving on the transportation also.

Don’t crave for the varieties!

Because if you do, you’re surely going to bang a bigger buck from your pocket. More floral arrangements mean more money and I’m sure you don’t want to add more to your tight budget. Stick to just two kinds, or maybe three! This would also help your florist in buying flowers in bulk. Also, consider picking up those flowers which share the same color schemes or coherent look. Tulips, roses, Calla lilies, Hydrangeas, Orchids are good options.

7 Insanely Smart Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Flowers

Going green is going frugal!

Use lush green leaves to add a statement to your floral arrangements. This would prove out to be a frugal option along with filling up the need of having different floral arrangements. You can opt for woodland-like ferns, leafy garlands, and herbaceous bridesmaid bouquets.

Don’t immediately opt out a flower

You must have often heard a bride saying, “I don’t like traditional roses” or “I don’t like those regular lilies.” But one thing you ought to believe before saying no straightaway is your florist’S creativity. He/She can come up with the best bouquet of the roses, carnations or lilies. Be open to their suggestions and seek their advice. Who knows you’d totally get surprised by the floral arrangement?

Choose bigger blooms

Flowers such as cymbidium orchids may be expensive but they give a grander statement if you incorporate them as a centerpiece. Talk with your florist about getting some bigger blooms and let them figure out the pricing. These flowers steal the attention which means you can get more of the seasonal flowers which would be cheap. This would, in turn, help you to stay within budget.

Break the legacy

You can even consider opting for a nonfloral alternative. Some brides these days are breaking out the traditional of carrying bouquets. Instead, they take an heirloom rosary or a prayer book having a single flower placed between the pages.

Flowers are an integral part of one’s wedding but that doesn’t mean you need to spend a major chunk of your budget in it. Follow these prudent methods to save money while buying your wedding flowers.