Tuesday 23 April 2024

7 Reasons Why Homeowners Should Turn To Solar Energy Now!

Alternative fuels are the power of the future. There are now an abundance of vehicles powered by solar power, hydrogen fuel cells or even wind power! The world is dedicated to stopping its reliance on fossil fuels and preventing further damage to the environment and the fragile eco system that exists on the planet.

Solar energy solutions for the homeowner are now commonplace; the cost of the average solar panel has decreased significantly in recent years thanks to improvements in technology and a decrease in the cost of materials. These savings have become possible by the increase in interest and capital available for research; a side effect of the world’s demand for clean energy. The sun is a reliable source of energy due to its predictability and accessibility from anywhere in the world. Electricity can still be produced on cloudy days and it is not necessary to wait for the wind or sufficient water pressure; as can be the case with other alternative energy sources.

The increased interest in alternative energies has made it both viable and essential for all homeowners to consider changing both their energy usage and the source of their energy. The time to make the change is now:

1. Availability

Solar panels can now be purchased almost anywhere in the world. There are hundreds of companies, such as sunbugsolar.com, who will offer free advice and guidance. It is possible to purchase a whole array of panels or just one and start your installation small. There are many products available on the market and most will have at least a twenty five year guarantee with them.

2. Cost

The increase in demand and improvements in technology has resulted in a decrease in manufacturing costs. This, ultimately results in a cheaper and better product being available on the market. Alongside this there are a variety of government grants or low cost loans available to assist in purchasing and installing solar panels. It is also possible to receive an incentive from the utility company which will help to reduce the cost of the initial purchase.

3. Savings

Once the panels have been installed the energy created is, effectively, free. There is no utility bill to pay and it is even possible to sell any excess electricity back to the utility board. Of course, there is an initial outlay in purchasing and installing the system and this will need to be offset against the ‘free’ electricity. In reality, a homeowner looking to install a solar energy solution should be intending to stay in their current house for five years; this will ensure the purchase costs are covered by the savings made.

4. Clean Energy

Most people are aware that the Earth is suffering from the effects of pollution and global warming is a real issue which will have disastrous consequences in the future if not dealt with quickly and effectively. Solar power is one way in which the average person can do their bit to help; most people cannot influence or control how a big corporation operates but enough individuals switching to alternative energy sources will have a positive effect on the environment. It may also shame the big corporations into action if the government have failed to mobilise them! Energy taken from the sun is free and renewable without doing any harm to the environment; fitting solar panels now will help save the environment tomorrow. It may also help people to feel more in control of their own destinies as it is one less bill to consider. Even using electricity from nuclear power plants has a detrimental effect on the environment; solar panels are a truly clean source of energy!

5. Maintenance

One of the biggest concerns of many homeowners is the issue of maintaining the photovoltaic cells which are installed on their roof. The technology used is complex and creates a product which can kill, if mishandled. Fortunately the solar panels need very little maintenance. The process of creating electricity is achieved without the use of moving parts; this means there are no areas which need to be kept oiled or greased and no mechanisms which need to be checked for smoothness. In fact, the average installation simply needs a check two or three times a year to confirm there is no build up of dirt, debris or any other contaminant which may affect the effectiveness of the panels. Couple this lack of maintenance with a twenty five year guarantee and you have a system which will quietly produce electricity for many years to come.

6. Home Value

Adding solar panels to a property will increase the value of the property. Ideally, as previously mentioned, a homeowner should be looking to stay in their house for a minimum of five years after installation to cover the cost of the panels. However, circumstances change and it may be that this is not possible; this should not be a concern as a solar installation will equate to a higher selling price. This is simple economics; any prospective buyer will benefit from the current installation; the electricity generated will be completely free to them as the purchase of the panels is included in the price of the house. The lack of electricity bills for the foreseeable future will make a huge difference to the daily life of any buyer; this makes a solar installation desirable and this demand for it pushes up the price of houses with them.

7. New Developments

Renewable, clean energy is a topical subject; there are thousands being poured into research and development daily. Much of the emphasis of this is in how to retain the electricity generated; this will ensure that any house with solar panels does not need to switch back to the main grid once the sun has gone in. New materials are being developed which will revolutionise the batteries that hold this electricity; they are cheap, environmentally friendly and will provide vast additional cost savings. The greatest thing about having solar panels installed now is the ability to simply switch your batteries with the new ones and instantly make the most of the savings. Once the new technology has been perfected there will be a huge rush to switch to solar energy; having the panels already installed will mean a quick changeover to maximise the benefits. The time to fit solar panels really is now!