Monday 22 July 2024

7 Ways To Protect Your Foundation from Water Damage

7 Ways To Protect Your Foundation from Water Damage

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Foundation repair is extremely important if you want to ensure your house stays in a good shape over the years and you must consult foundation repair services if there is the need to. Proper maintenance of your house not only ensures longevity but also means your house looks better and you need to invest less money in repairs over time. Leaking walls, and deteriorating and cracking roofs can be a reason a wall collapses or some major incident happens due to water damage that you could have checked for.

Here are seven ways you can protect your foundation from water damage

1.Underground your drains

underground drains help check water damage to your foundation. These drains are better functioning and water doesn’t spill at all from anywhere. In case you aren’t sure if your drainage system is underground, you should get in touch with Foundation Repair Services Little Rock to make sure a problem is countered before it occurs.

2.Irrigate your yard properly

over-watering your plants and grass isn’t just bad for the plants, it can also damage your foundation. Excess water that fails to be absorbed by the soil finds its way to your foundation and corrodes it. Only use enough water and do not forget to turn off your sprinklers. If you use automated sprinklers, you might have to adjust the amount of water being used depending on the rains and weather conditions.

3.Check for damage

check for visual signs of damage like cracks or missing shingles on the walls and roofs. Inspect the basement for leakage or moisture on the walls. If any specific side of the house or a wall show signs of significant damage you should get a professional to take a look at it. Your vigilance can make a huge difference. Do not ignore any signs of damage you see around your house.

4.Maintain your slope

your house must be perfectly level but the slope of your yard can change over time so you have to check every few weeks that it slopes away from the foundation of your house so that rainwater or artificially introduced water doesn’t pool along the sides of your house.

5.Check for leaks

knowing where is your water tank and valve and how to turn them off can help you manage a leak properly. In case a pipe bursts you must know how to turn off water supply. In case you tank is old, it may be prone to leaks and may cause some serious leakage. If need be you have to replace an old water tank and consult a professional.

6.Inspect your washing machine hoses

the hose of your washing machine must be upgraded for a stainless steel braided hose because rubber hoses deteriorate quickly and cause water damage to the house. Check the hose for wear and cracks from time to time.

7.Protect your house when on vacation

if you are going to be away from home for a few consecutive days, you should drain your pipes and turn off the water and heating in the house. You can also have someone, a neighbor or friend, inspect the house after a few months if you are gone for a long time.