Thursday 18 April 2024

8 Advantages Of WordPress For Businesses

Not so long ago, you were supposed to hire an expert web developer and designer to build your company’s website, because you didn’t have the expertise to do it. Today, things are different and that’s due to the thing we know as “WordPress”. It offers the best of both the worlds – the best web design and the flexibility of control as well as scale. If you’re out there looking for someone to create a new business website, hang on! According to search engine optimization consultant Toronto at Webryze, WordPress is by far the most flexible and useful interface at present. So, you need to know why WordPress is the best, even if you’re not going to create one on your own.

Here are some advantages of WordPress for content marketers, bloggers and website owners :

1. It’s Free : First of all, WordPress is free. Unlike some other open source web development programs, WordPress is totally free and there are no hidden costs. Well, kind of. There are some amazing plugins that cost a few bucks but absolutely not required.

2. It’s Easy To Use : WordPress is remarkably easy to use. It offers an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to add pages and blog posts, images and multimedia files, and a variety of plugins to expand the core features. The massive library of plugins available let you turn your website into an ecommerce platform, a business directory listing site, and invoicing system, a photo gallery, or anything else you can dream of!

The built in simplicity reduces time spent formatting and managing your site, leaving you free to concentrate on expanding your business.

3.You Don’t Need Hand Coding Anymore : WordPress is a self contained CMS, and as such does not necessarily require any additional HTML or FTP editing software. This capability makes it easier for the user to add new content, formatting and uploading or editing multimedia files without an expert. With WordPress, you will not need any additional editing software. Everything is built in to the system itself.

4. It Gives Total Control Of Your Website In Your Hands : That’s true! With 1000’s of free themes WordPress offers you total control of your site, and involving your web development company only happens with major theme updates. What’s more? You can make modifications in your website in a real time, from anywhere. Moreover, multiple users, with individual log-in IDs and access levels, can use your website. That means, updating your website becomes much easier.

5. WordPress Offers Customization : You can have a custom theme and that’s only because WordPress is highly customizable and configurable. So, if you’re a web design company, you can offer multiple themes and samples of the same brand to your customers, which means, you can scale websites and find out which website lasts longer.

6. Built-In Blogging Platform : What began as an open source blogging platform, became must-have for today’s websites. Now, every site on WordPress has a built-in blogging feature. Perhaps, this is the reason why content marketing became so popular and why brand recognition and engagement became so important for businesses.

7. WordPress Plugins : You will get a vast array of plugins that can be used to improve your site’s functionality. These plugins help you add exciting features to your site, such as

  • Photo galleries,
  • Event calendars.
  • Shopping carts
  • Interactive forums, and more

8. It’s Secure : Some webmasters will argue that WordPress is not secure, but it’s actually unsecured plugins and/or poor web hosting for the reason WordPress sometimes gets a bad reputation in this area.

When security updates are available, WordPress informs you with a direct link to a one-click install. If it’s a critical update, WordPress will even upgrade on it’s own.