Friday 19 July 2024

A Few Drops Of Ambrosia, Please?!

Although supposed to be the drink of gods by ancient Egyptians, ambrosia can still be found in modern day, albeit under a different name. And you guess it right – it can be none other than chocolate! If you have decided to send chocolates by post as gifts, then you have made a splendid choice indeed! Chocolate is not just a luxury product that is to be had in good times. Chocolate can be a part of someone’s everyday menu in various forms because it has several health benefits too! Just like ambrosia was consumed by the gods to remain strong, beautiful, and immortal, chocolate too can help one live a long and healthy life (but the wish of immortality will have to be skipped!).

If you are wondering how chocolate can help one in terms of health, then here is some eye-opening information for you:

  1. Chocolate can be used in small quantities to make otherwise healthy but unappealing food an interesting choice. Want your kid to finish that bowl of cereal and milk? Then add a few drops of chocolate syrup and it won’t seem like an unachievable task anymore!
  2. Chocolate contains certain chemicals that are known to help one’s nerves and mind relax. A relaxed mind is a happier and more active mind!
  3. Chocolate contains antioxidant chemicals that are known to help one age slower and appear much younger than they actually are!

The best part is you can buy or send your favourite chocolate online also. Chocolate is known to most people in its most popular form – as that of a bar or slab,but there are many other forms of chocolate that one can enjoy. Some of them are chocolate frosting, chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, and in its powdered form. With the use of these multiple forms, one can either get cakes delivered with exquisite chocolate syrup poured over it, or one can enjoy a warm cup of hot chocolate on long wintery nights and enjoy a good night sleep.

Making hot chocolate is one of the easiest and tastiest treat that you can think of. Right from toddlers to old people, hot chocolate has been a favourite with people of almost all ages, which makes it such a special treat. If you want to know how to prepare one such cup of delightful hot chocolate, then here are the steps to be followed:

  1. Take a large bowl and mix together cocoa powder, salt, and sugar. You need to mix them very well and whisk it rather than just mixing them roughly together. Keep this mixture aside in an airtight container.
  2. In a milk pan, heat the required amount of milk. Once milk has been boiled, take the vessel off the gas and pour it into the glass(es). In each glass of milk, add 2 tbsps. of the cocoa mixture that you’ve kept in the airtight container.
  3. Stir the mix well in milk until it dissolves and your perfect cup of hot chocolate is ready to be consumed!

Be careful not to add the mixture to boiling milk as there may be clumps forms. Let boiled milk cool or 2-3 minutes before you add the mixture to it.