Friday 14 June 2024

A Few Things You Must Do While In Varanasi

A Few Things You Must Do While In Varanasi

Often described touted as India’s ‘most sacred’ city, Varanasi exudes enough enchantment and interest to amuse even the most well-trodden voyager. The city pulls in a large number of explorers consistently, from around the world, who are keen on enriching their knowledge about the religion and the social legacy of India. The innumerable sanctuaries, ghats and colleges of the city are the real attractions which this city boasts of. So traipse around the city and lose yourself in the hallowed vibrancy of Varanasi.

Once you are done finalizing one of the Hyderabad to Varanasi flights, there are some things you must remember while you are busy meditating and chanting psalms in this sacred city. Without having attempted all of these, you can’t consider your trip to Varanasi complete.

  1. Boating along the Ganges

A boat ride along the river Ganges is one of the supreme essentials when in Varanasi. You need to haggle for the costs a tiny bit, since these boats are pretty sought after and numerous sightseers ruin the rates. An ethereal dawn boat ride on the Ganges will give you an unparalleled perspective of the ghats and sanctuaries, and if lucky, then you may even spot a river dolphin. Yes, really!

  1.  Temple Run

Of course, it is not suggested to tour each and every temple of Varanasi, since there are a hundreds, so select a few best. The Durga Temple, known as the Monkey Temple due to the monkeys sticking around, is a standout amongst the hugest, committed to goddess Durga who is believed to be protecting the city since forever, and the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, devoted to Shiva, is one of the holiest in India, with the strictest security known so far.

  1. Ghats Galore

There are many ghats in Varanasi, with each having its importance and specific use. A few Ghats are “held” for washing garments and doing clothing. For instance Assi Ghat is a washing Ghat, while others are committed to worshipping, and some are for cremation like Manikarnika Ghat, downstream from the Dasaswamedh Ghat. Showering close to the Tulsi Ghat is believed to dispose of infection. So as you can infer, there are surprises to unveil, as well as bits of exciting things to find out about every Ghat along the Ganges stream.

  1. Evening Pujas

Every evening, the mesmerizing puja, or supplication function, happens at the Dasaswamedh Ghat and the air is loaded with petitions, serenades, music, and incense. Chimes ring, drums blast, and tea lights are thrown into the Ganges. This inebriating service with a celebration style environment pulls in a large number of sightseers, especially photographers. So sit back, sip in some hot tea in a mud container, and appreciate the events unfurling.

  1. Explore the Bylanes

These dusty, uproarious back streets can disorientate, however, that too can be exciting for someone visiting Varanasi, infact, India for the first time. You’ll see shops offering silk, food, arts concealed altars, candlelit divinities in anteroom, and the odd sacrosanct cow meandering around. Do not to stress over getting lost, since at some point or the other you’ll wind up either in front the river or on the main road.

So if you are one spiritual traveller or someone who is ever try out anything and everything that they they can lay their hands on, then by any chance, do not miss exploring Varanasi, the City of Ghats and Temples.