Saturday 22 June 2024

A Gas Geyser or An Electric Water Heater, Which One You Will Choose?

A Gas Geyser or An Electric Water Heater, Which One You Will Choose?

Winters are in and you need to prepare yourself to turn on your gas stove for warm water. If you don’t want to deal with the time-consuming task, you must buy a gas geyser from Shopsurya online to fulfill your daily needs of hot water. You might be wondering about the usability & features of a gas geyser as compared to a common type of water heater that runs on electricity. Being a smart buyer, it’s necessary to consider your budget & purpose of purchasing a daily used electric equipment for your home.

Water heating via separate heat supply takes a long time and consumes more energy. It will definitely cost you more as you will need hot water throughout the season for many household purposes & other daily necessities. Many people prefer to buy online gas geysers over electric heaters due to many reasons, just take a look at them:

A Gas Geyser or An Electric Water Heater, Which One You Will Choose?

No Need Of Electricity:

You don’t need to care about electricity if you are using a gas geyser. Electric water heaters will not function in the absence of sufficient power supply while a gas geyser works even in power outage as it requires gas supply to heat many litres of water as per the usage.

Faster Water Heating Efficiency:

A gas geyser heats up water 3 times faster as compared to an upgraded electric water heater. You must note down this point if you want to select right equipment between a gas geyser & an electric water heater. So, efficiency is a key factor consider if you are aspiring to buy online gas geyser.

Cost-effective Purchases:

Buying an electric gas geyser will be more affordable as an electric water heater is very expensive. Furthermore, electric water heater consumes high voltage electric supply that will multiply your electricity bill as compared to an online gas geyser.

Safe For Long Time Usage:

You don’t need to hassle if you forgot to turn off your water heater as a gas geyser comes with advanced sensors to notify you in case of overheat and flame failure. You can also set a timer for water heat up as required for any task.

Selection Options For Advanced User Control:

No doubt, an electric water heater will heat sufficient amount of hot water but if you buy a gas geyser from Shopsurya online you can easily operate the water temperatures with its user-friendly functions.


Always remember that electric water heaters are unsafe & not designed for a longer span of time. On the other hand, a gas geyser comes with heavy duty copper heat exchanger tank that makes it favorable to be used for several years.

You must buy gas geysers online if you want to use a highly efficient home-based electric equipment for daily purpose. So, do not think twice, just go & get your gas geyser at affordable rates with proper inspection of features.


Neeraj Goyal is a founder of Shopsurya who is known for his contribution in the development of home & kitchen appliances. Being a leading businessman, he shares informational content for customers who are interested to buy home & kitchen-based appliances for daily use.