Thursday 18 July 2024

A Guide To Heavy Construction Equipment

Modern construction relies heavily of machinery, and this enables building projects to be completed on schedule. The range of heavy equipment would be used at every stage of the building process, from the initial land clearance to the final tidy up of the site, and with access to the right machinery, a builder can save a lot of time and money.


If one is talking about heavy equipment for the construction industry, one cannot avoid mentioning the biggest plant manufacturer in the world. This innovative company produces the well-known JCB back loader, which is perhaps the most used machine ever. The JCB excavator is versatile enough to allow a builder to carry out many essential heavy duty tasks in hardly any time, from ground clearance to digging out footing trenches. If you are looking for construction machinery in Lincolnshire, there are online suppliers of both new and used machines, all at affordable prices.

Access Platforms

These innovative devices are quickly replacing traditional steel scaffolding, which takes a lot of manpower and time to erect, and with this easy to manoeuvre unit, workers can reach above ground locations and work safely. They come in a range of sizes, and with one of these units on hand, the builder can quickly complete his work and move the unit to another location, without having to wait for the scaffolding team to arrive.


Essential for any project above ground level, a hoist cab be used to transport materials and workers to the required floor of a new structure, and this removes the hard work from the task of getting the materials and workers to the right location.

Power Generators

When a new project is underway, the chances are there will be no power supply, and in that case, a generator would provide the power for lighting and power tool use. Air compressors drive certain machinery, and if it is required, an air compressor can be hired from a local company, or perhaps the builder would invest in his own machine.

Demolishing Existing Structures

This is often necessary before any construction can take place, and the right machinery would make short work of any demolition. If the structure is large, it might require demolition experts to safely take it down, otherwise a single excavator and a tipper truck will suffice. If the ground clearance is substantial, a bulldozer might be a better alternative, as it can clear large areas in no time.

Mobile Crane Hire

There are times when certain items arrive on site pre-assembled and a mobile crane is needed to lift the apparatus into place. It might be a boiler or a turbine, and with a skilled driver/operator, most things can safely be hoisted into position. It is unlikely that a builder would own a mobile crane, as they are very costly to buy, so hiring is the best alternative.

Without this long list of heavy machinery, a builder would not be able to complete his projects on time, and aside from investing, a specific machine can be hired for a short time to get the job done.