Saturday 22 June 2024

A joint rent: how to ensure a peaceful coexistence under the same roof

If you are ready for a joint rent and you have already found a companion, we will tell you about difficulties that may be encountered when living together since it is not so easy to live in an apartment along with the person about whom you know only a little.

Kindness and generosity

Being open, generous and ingenuous is wonderful. Sensing this, your roommate might enjoy this trait of yours and start to endlessly borrow your clothes, cosmetics, money etc. Therefore, you should stand your ground and dot all the “i”s at once. In addition, if you have too many things and you do not want to keep them at home, you can find some storage rentals and keep them there.

Compromise: agree on that fact that you can ask each other about whether we you use something that belongs to your roommate, whether it is a dress, headphones, or a CD player. Not to mention food: it can be taken from the shelf of your roommate only with permission. You should always respect the property of others. If you do not want to share anything, you should discuss it when moving in, but in this case you should never ask for anything as well.

How to get on in the kitchen for two mistresses?

A kitchen is the main place in the house, which you will have to share with a sociable and fun (or not) roommate. First, you need to agree on how you are going to purchase and store groceries. If separately, then you should divide the refrigerator shelves and put groceries only in your sections. You should decide in advance whether a roommate can eat your groceries and if so, which ones.


Very often, this bad habit becomes a cause of conflict. It is great when a roommate smokes as well, but if they do not smoke, you have to respect their choice and you should do your best so that the apartment or its balcony does not smell of tobacco.

Fans of TV

If you like staying up late watching television and your roommate prefers to read in the kitchen and go to bed early, the electricity consumption will not be the same. Therefore, the electricity bills should not be divided in half. A person who uses more electricity should pay more especially when it comes to appliances that consume a lot of electricity.

Sociable character

You enjoy communication and cannot do without friends and that is why you have people coming over all the time. Whereas your roommate likes to spend time with books and naturally all the noise might be not that good for them. Therefore, you should take into consideration the feelings and preferences of other people and try to reach some compromise.

An initial experience is not always the best, but everyone has to go through it, drawing conclusions from the mistakes and getting to know other people. Search for a companion, and live in harmony, reaching your goals and overcoming challenges. In addition, we suggest you check out the infographic to find a type of roommate that will suit you best.