Sunday 03 March 2024

A List Of The 5 Most Watched YouTube Music Videos!

A List Of The 5 Most Watched YouTube Music Videos!

YouTube has radically changed the music scene ever since its launch in 2005. It has managed to replace television as the biggest source of music and video clips. Being popular on YouTube is a paves way to get success in the modern music world.

If you’ve been wondering what the most popular music videos on YouTube are, below is the answer. While music videos tend to go up and down on the popularity charts, the current popularity is a good way to gauge their success.

  1. Despacito

Despacito has taken over the music world of late. This is true of both the video and the song itself. This brainchild and project of Luis Fonsi was released in 2017, and has now taken the glory of being the most watched YouTube video ever! That’s quite an achievement.

Despacito is not only popular for viewers, but also for those who have their own YouTube channel. Channel hosts and YouTube celebrities have put up parodies and covers of the song, as well as thousands of dance videos. In short, if you haven’t seen the original video, you would definitely have heard or seen some version of it.

  1. ‘See You Again’ (Wiz Khalifa)

Despacito may have outstripped Wiz Khalifa, but this music video remains in the topmost YouTube ranking. It was the most watched YouTube video in the month of July in 2017. It featured Charlie Pith alongside Wiz Khalifa, but didn’t hold the number one spot for more than a few weeks. Essay Star in UK could help anyone with an assignment on number one spots for the year.

Adding to the popularity of this video was the fact that it was included in the soundtrack for the movie Furious 7. ‘The Fast and the Furious’ is a highly popular movie series. What’s more, Furious 7 was the first movie of this series released after the death of Paul Walker. Since the video is a tribute to the actor, its 3 billion-plus views are not much of a surprise.

  1. ‘Gangnam Style’ (Psy)

South Korea has given a lot to the modern world, especially when it comes to music. K-pop is immensely popular even outside of its origin country, and ‘Gangnam Style’ was only the beginning.

In fact, this crazy, nonsensical, yet addictive video was the first to cross the one billion viewer mark on YouTube. Now, it is just touching 3 billion. The song itself was a chart-topper in several countries. Even the likes of David Cameron and Barrack Obama belted out the moves to ‘Gangnam Style’.

  1. ‘Sorry’ (Justin Bieber)

When it comes to top music videos, Justin Bieber can’t be far off. He first propelled to fame through his hit song ‘Baby’. However, the more recent song and video of ‘Sorry’ managed to replace his previous rankings.

While ‘Sorry’ is now up to 2.7 billion views, ‘Baby’ has only 1.7 billion. Still quite a lot, but nowhere near the recent popularity!

  1. “Shake It Off” (Taylor Swift)

While the musician herself has her own controversies, she is deficient right up there with the best of them. the YouTube rankings don’t lie; she’s been nabbing the best awards and spots for quite a number of years. In fact, she has held no less than two spots in the top 10 most watched YouTube videos ever.

One of her recent contributions is “Shake it Off”, which came out in August 2014. It has racked up almost 2.3 billion views to date. It has also been the cause of much speculation and discussion among her fans.


Popular music videos don’t just depend on the song or even the musician behind it. Their success also has to do with the way the video is made. They might be strange, have modern relevance, or just be amazing enough to warrant such attention.

If you’re thinking of producing a music video of your own, the above entries might come in handy. In any case, they are worth looking at for the sheer number of views they have attracted. We may or may not agree with their popularity, but apparently, they are what the Internet-using public wants.