Friday 19 July 2024


Simultaneous interpreting

Why do interpreters sit in a booth? Is it absolutely necessary?

In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter has to translate the thoughts and words of the speaker while he or she is still speaking, with a delay of about 30 seconds after the speaker starts to talk to process what is being said.

It is one of the most complex types of interpretation: the soundproof booth allows interpreter to work in full concentration and remain alert.

There are several different types or styles of professional interpretation. What are they?

There are two primary modes of interpretation: simultaneous and consecutive.

Simultaneous interpreting involves interpreting in “real time”; this is ideal for international congresses, conferences and public events.

In consecutive interpreting the interpreter speaks after the source-language speaker has finished speaking. This is ideal for small business meetings, interviews, press conferences or any face to face meetings.

 How do you prepare for an interpretation session?

I always ask my clients to send me detailed information concerning the event: agenda, presentations, speakers, and numbers of participants. I read, study, take notes… Interpreters prefer to be prepared but sometimes we have no documents, topics or information. In these cases, a good improvisation is also essential.

 Please, tell us about your typical day.

Interpreters live exciting lives! If you are interested, and if you have time…

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