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About Sam Nabil Counseling Services

About Sam Nabil Counseling Services

Sam Nabil Services are industry leaders who are now offering Online therapy, Online Marriage Counseling, as well as Online Couples, Coaching and Online Life Coaching around the world. With the use of the art of HIPPA compliant encrypted video communication, Sam Nabil Services Counseling offers one of the highest USA standards of therapy and life coaching. The process allows availing of services to your home or office as well as any other place that where you have an internet connection.

As a therapist, Sam Nabil and his team provide Online Therapy, Online Life Online Marriage Counseling and Online Life Coaching for adults that are experiencing relationship challenges, anxiety, and life transitions. This is by applying state of the art encryption and the internet that allow them to organize video counseling sessions for their clients. The process ensures that the clients enjoy complete confidentiality by acquiring the counseling services at the comfort of their home or office.

The Sam Nabil Counseling services Marriage and couples counseling involve part of psychotherapy that is designed to guide and help adults in intimate relationships. The process assists them to overcome communication, sense of belonging, cooperation, intimacy and sex issues in the relationship as well as other concerns.

About Sam Nabil Counseling Services

Who can benefit from Online Relationship Therapy?

As a marriage counselor, Sam Nabil offers online relationship counseling or therapy for couples across the world. Here are some of the problems that Online relationship counseling can help you overcome:

  • Poor communication between you and your partner
  • If your interactions are mostly negative
  • When you are being mean to one another as a way of punishing each other
  • When you do not feel like a team
  • Lack of honesty with each other
  • A feeling that your partner has to change who he or she is for you to stick together
  • Not being intimate or not having sex
  • Having an affair or planning to have one
  • Feeling scared to open up

Therefore, the online couples counseling focuses on the relationship. However, as a marriage counselor, Sam Nabil will expect clients to be ready and willing to combine couple’s work with efforts in their self-discovery and personal self-growth. In fact, Sam Nabil Counseling Services ensures that they combine the role of marriage and individual counselor by first attending individuals separately. This allows the marriage counselor to establish the root of the issues in the relationship and be able to come up with a practical solution to it.

Important Things to Note before Booking your Online Marriage Counseling

There are significant factors that you should note before booking for your Online Marriage Counseling. First, Online Counseling is not ideal for everyone. Consequently, Sam Nabil Counseling Services usually has to confirm the suitability of the process for the client by carrying out a preliminary assessment for their clients. The Counseling firm reserve the right to terminate the online therapy or refer the clients to other ideal service providers at any point. This is regardless of whether the relationship therapy has started or not.

The Counseling institution offers exceptional care and takes proper precaution when handling their clients. Therefore, they cannot allow suicidal clients or those who are fighting substance abuse or who need close monitoring for online services.


Overall, Sam Nabil Counseling Services offers the best online counseling that is suitable for all their clients. It is also important to note that their online marriage counseling is only available for Ohio residents and International clients who are outside the US. However, for more information visit